Raise the bar with Benchmarks

What does “good online content” look like?

It’s a pretty tough question to answer and varies depending on who you ask. Now, Turtl Analytics is a great way to track the performance of your content when it comes to reach, sign-ups, and engagement. 

These insights are super helpful when it comes to best practice, calculating ROI, tracking leads, and creating personalized content. But, this data serves as a microcosm and is relative to your organization’s content only. 

We wanted to give our users a much bigger picture to work from – think industry-wide or, even, globally (by which we mean all Docs across all Teams in Turtl)

And that is precisely why we built Turtl Benchmarks!

Big data fuels Turtl’s content barometer

Using more than 35 billion datapoints, we’ve created our own benchmarks so you can see how your Doc is performing. It’s easier than ever to check your content against other Docs created across your team, in your industry, and around the globe.

Getting started with Benchmarks

To start scrutinizing the performance of your content, you’ll need to navigate to your chosen Doc’s Analytics Dashboard, and then switch to the Benchmarks tab located at the top of your view.

Just underneath your Doc’s title, you’ll see the available benchmarking options. Choosing to compare content within your organization is a great way to improve internal standards and best practice (what’s a little healthy competition between colleagues, right?). 

Alternatively, examining how your content stacks up against other Docs in your industry – or even globally – is an invaluable tool. By understanding how your content is performing, it’s easier to identify where improvements can be made so you can outshine the competition.

Simply toggle between the three options to begin exploring the insights you’re most interested in.

Diving into the data

Turtl’s Benchmarks have been segmented into three outcome-focused areas: Reach, Engagement, and Conversion. 

These sections contain graphs that illustrate comparisons between key metrics, such as bounce rate, read time, and sign-up rate. Underneath each graph is a table detailing additional metrics versus the average for the benchmark category you’ve selected. 

We’ve added in color-coordinated indicators to show you whether your Doc is performing above or below that average!

But what do each of the outcome-focused areas compass?

Reach(ing new content heights)

First, let’s take a look at Reach.

In this section of your view, you can see how your audience is engaging with your Doc versus those in your chosen benchmark category. Here you’ll find an analysis of how many times your Doc was read (and re-read) and by how many people, as well as its bounce rate.  

Key metrics for Reach include:

  • Reads: How many times your Doc was opened and the reader turned the first page.
  • Readers: The number of unique readers who have read your Doc.
  • Bounce rate (%): The percentage of readers who opened and closed your Doc without taking action (e.g. not turning the first page).
  • Returning readers (%): The percentage of unique readers who have read your Doc more than once.

Engagement (through the roof)

Next stop in our Benchmarks journey is Engagement.

Here is where the data looks at the impact of your content on your readers, comparable against your selected benchmark option. 

Key metrics for Engagement include:

  • Typical web content graph: Compare your Doc’s average read time to the expected average for a typical webpage.
  • Read time graph: Analyze the average read time of your Doc compared to similar Docs in your chosen category.
  • % of Doc read: The average percentage of pages readers viewed in your Doc compared to similar Docs within your chosen benchmark category.
  • Share rate graph: The percentage of readers who shared your Doc compared to Docs in your chosen category.
  • Interaction Score: The average number of interactions per reader for a Doc, scored on a scale of 1-10 when ranked against all Turtl Docs.

Conversion (is the ultimate king)

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Conversion. 

Turtl is a great tool for lead generation (more reads = more leads). With Benchmarks, you can better understand how your Doc aids your lead generation programme. 

By tracking and comparing your sign-up rate to other Docs created across your organization, you’ll be able to identify those that are performing better and implement best practice to make all your Docs total lead magnets

Take it a step further and find out how your content’s lead generation potential measures up to other Docs across your industry and in a global context.

Key metrics for Conversion include:

  • Sign-up rate: Compare your Doc’s sign-up rate to your chosen benchmark category.

What does this all mean for you?

So, all this is to say, our Benchmarks feature is pretty nifty and it offers Turtl users a series of benefits: 

  • By collating independent data, Turtl’s Benchmarks alleviate the siloed nature of performance data. Actionable insights help you easily identify where your content is excelling at an industry level and where improvements can be made to achieve your business outcomes.
  • Benchmarks take the strain and resources out of compiling performance data across your organization and make it easier to understand where your content ranks within your industry. 
  • Staying focused on key topics and content that are outpacing other resources in the market will help you to avoid mis-spending on unnecessary features.

Looking for more information? We’ve written a handy support article. You might also like to check out our research report on Performance Benchmarks for Online Documents to help you create content that gets results:

Continually innovating the Turtl experience

Turtl is always looking to adapt. We’re committed to continually improving our product to provide an outstanding creation experience for all our users.

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