Work side-by-side with Teams

The versatility of the Turtl platform means that many of our customers find value for its use across their organization. But, as much as working together brings us joy, we know sometimes you just need your own space to be creative.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce: Teams!

Working in a way that suits you 🤝

Teams is a brand-new functionality that allows the different business units, functions, and groups within your organization to use Turtl side-by-side while maintaining full control over their own Users, Workspaces, Docs, subscriptions, and other key settings.

If you’re a member of multiple Teams on a Tenant, you can switch between the Teams you have access to by clicking the Team icons on the sidebar to the left of your screen. Easy!

You may notice that some of your Workspaces have been relocated to the relevant Team, if you are a member of multiple Teams.

Log in or check out our support article to learn more.

The powers that be 💪

Wondering how this new release will impact permissions?

The below table outlines which settings will be accessible at the Team and Tenant levels:

Available at the Team level only:
Available at the Tenant level only:
  • Extensions
  • Plan information

Admins will have access to the settings at a Team level, and to the features that have been made available at a Tenant level.

For now, integrations will be managed at a Tenant Level, but we’re cooking up further developments.

We recognize that individual business functions and units will use different tools and, of course, we want to make sure each Team is able to get the most out of Turtl.

So watch this space (or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the know)!

Keeping an eye on the tab 💰

We think it’s important that everybody has visibility of their usage within the Turtl platform.

That’s why we’re also introducing a new ‘Billing’ page. Now, admins will be able to monitor how many full and limited licenses are in use.

What does this mean for you? 🫵
  • Individual business functions and units can control key settings in dedicated Team spaces ⚙️
  • Greater transparency means Admins will be able to oversee their own licenses and usage 🧑‍💻
  • Easier to manage and track content production for individual business units and functions 📊

Continually innovating the Turtl experience

Turtl is always looking to adapt. We’re committed to continually improving our product to provide an outstanding creation experience for all our users.

To make sure you stay in the loop with the latest and greatest Turtl updates, top tips, and feature releases, sign up to our newsletter!

Have some ideas about the developments you would like to see from us? Send your Customer Success Manager an email to share your thoughts, or contact us at

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