As Drift launches in the UK, let’s find out how the Turtl and Drift solutions combine to offer a content and customer experience like no other.

Turtl and Drift have been working together for a while and Drift’s launch into EMEA creates even more opportunities to grow our partnership. One aspect of this is how both our solutions integrate to offer a new level of content functionality for any future clients. As James Ski, Partnerships Manager at Drift says: “You certainly can’t do anything like this with a PDF!”

In this article, we’ll explain how we combine the Turtl and Drift solutions to create something truly game-changing. We’ll also look at how our two companies are aligned beyond just software integration.

Integrating Turtl and Drift

Turtl’s software has been redefining the reading experience through its unique interactive format for some of the largest enterprise businesses in the world. Its intuitive digital-first format has been scientifically proven to outperform the PDF in encouraging read times and boosting memory retention. In addition to this, its suite of interactive widgets (polls, charts, etc.) adds a dynamic element to an otherwise static experience.

Adding Drift into the mix takes this another step further. You can put a Drift chatbot inside your Turtl documents to:

  • Make content conversational – as your readers progress through your content, they may have questions you’d normally never hear. Drift’s chatbot is there to field these queries and offer solutions or further information as a next step.
  • Monitor behavior – the chatbot is able to track certain behavioral triggers such as how someone interacts with a poll or how long they spend on a certain page. It can then prompt readers to take relevant action.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle – the Drift chatbot connects potential buyers with your sales team at the exact moment your content has hooked them, not when they’ve forgotten why they wanted a meeting in the first place!

Combining Turtl and Drift allows you to create a seamless customer experience and reduces the friction between buyer and seller. Drift can boost the experience of your Turtl documents at every stage of your sales funnel, from that initial whitepaper to the final business proposal.

Want to see it in action?

Here’s an example from one of our partners, LeadFabric, who placed a Drift chatbot inside one of their whitepapers. If you head over to this specific page, you’ll find a poll. How you answer that poll decides a completely different response from the chatbot, prompting readers toward one of five unique playbooks. It will also pop up when you click the CTA at the end of the Doc.

To see how the integration works from a technical perspective, check out Turtl’s help center.

More than an integration

Turtl and Drift are on a mission to shake up the reader experience. Turtl’s content format is directly designed to improve on the static formats used by default today. Its chapter-based format encourages skim reading for greater reader agency. Further to this, any documents created in Turtl will automatically optimize for the device that they’re read on. Drift has allowed us to remove even more barriers by guiding readers towards what they’re looking for as they read.

We also both believe in the value of making one-way experiences more conversational. Instead of scrolling through a lengthy PDF in the hope of finding something interesting, you can give live feedback through Turtl’s poll functionality or just ask Drift’s chatbot. Suddenly, a historically one-way experience becomes an opportunity for more human, two-way communication.

Finally, we share a lot of the same friends. LeadFabricTwogether, and Strategic ABM are three mutual partners that understand the power of Turtl, but also help their clients harness the awesome possibilities of Drift.

Welcome Drift

As Drift begins operations in Europe, we’re excited to work more closely together in this market as well as in North America.

Together, we can help future clients as they create engaging, interactive content while providing a seamless buying experience for their customers. The result is shorter sales cycles and an acceleration in revenue.

To find out more about Drift – visit

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