Content creation software for recruiters

Struggling to identify and retain talented candidates?
Turtl can help you make opportunities stand out, generate demand and track your candidates as they engage with your content and communications, reducing the risk of unexpected dropouts.

Impress candidates from the start

You don’t need design or coding skills to create innovative digital content with Turtl. Our format is rooted in the psychology of reading and captures attention with interactive features like video, polls, and more.


Edit content even after it’s published

Make changes to your published content in real-time. Made an embarrassing typo? Need to make a change to a job role’s responsibilities or salary range? No problem. Any updates you make to your documents can be pushed live at any time.

Monitor data to identify timewasters 

With your candidates’ contact information, you can monitor how they engage with your content using Turtl’s built-in reader tracking. If someone isn’t reading it, they’re probably not that interested. Identify these people before they drop out at the last minute and damage your reputation as a recruiter.

Nurture candidates with targeted content

Use known reader tracking to see how your contacts are engaging with your documents section-by-section. Keep candidates excited by sending them more info on the aspects of the opportunity they spend the most time reading about

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Top use-cases for recruiters

Job advertisements

Present your job ads in a highly visual and interactive format that helps your opportunities stand out from the rest, impresses candidates and builds your personal brand as a recruiter.

Information packs

Create visually striking information packs that give candidates an idea of company culture and help them visualize working there. Use their engagement stats to identify potential dropouts.

Thought leadership

Build your credibility as a recruiter, expand your network and keep candidates engaged by publishing thought leadership in a format that grabs and retains your reader’s attention. 


Six lessons on attractions and retention for recruiters

A healthy job market is bad news for recruiters. To attract a shrinking number of talented candidates, recruiters have to start acting like marketers.

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