Content creation software for internal comms

Improve the impact of your internal comms with Turtl’s psychology-based format and track its effectiveness in real-time to understand your internal reach and the engagement of staff across the business.

Bring your internal comms content to life

Whether your creating an annual report, a staff magazine or a training handbook, use Turtl’s psychology-based format to create visually impactful and interactive content experiences that keep your colleagues engaged for longer, all created by you – no design or development support needed.

Easy doc maintenance and version control

Keep guidelines, handbooks and other important staff content up-to-date without the need to reissue or re-upload documents. Every Turtl doc lives on its own unique URL, so updates can be pushed live, anytime, anywhere, and made immediately available to readers when they next open the doc.

Track engagement to understand impact

Use Turtl analytics to see how many people engage with your content, which parts they spend the most time reading and which parts are being overlooked. By understanding the reach and reaction to your comms, you can make calculated improvements to your approach moving forward.

Top internal comms use cases

Staff magazines

Create stunning editorial layouts and drive engagement with video and reader polling. See which topics your colleagues care most about to improve future issues.

Internal newsletters

Create visually striking interactive newsletters that keep people’s attention for longer. See which teams and employees give your news the most amount of attention.

Annual reports

Use interactive charts, video, and imagery to bring your reports to life and see which elements and chapters stakeholders are most engaged with.

Company handbooks

Easily create, publish and maintain company handbooks, without the need for redistribution. See who’s paying attention, and where to make improvements.

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