Turtl announces personalization at scale across the enterprise

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6th October 2020
Author: Kate Terry
Posted in: News, Technology

London, UK: Today, Turtl, the enterprise content automation platform, announced the launch of a new personalization module. This module enables rapid customizations at scale, based on individual recipient interests and needs.

With this new capability and additional features, Turtl provides you with the ability to discover and form new relationships. In other words, from marketing and sales to recruitment and comms, Turtl can nurture deeper relationships through personalized content across the entire enterprise.

This announcement marks a shift in what Turtl can help its customers achieve. Turtl was founded to rethink digital content, removing the technical design and coding barriers that kept it static. It began as a way for marketers to create better content which delivered scientifically proven increases in reader engagement of 73%

The content toolkit

Now, with enterprise content automation, every team has access to the content toolkit they need to build deeper relationships. Turtl is designed to help organizations with a number of aspects. For instance, Turtl gives every team the toolkit to personalize content in seconds. Secondly, with Turtl, you can give every buyer and customer engaging content, personalized for them. In addition to this, Turtl can help teams to understand how content is performing on every level, across every team. Most importantly, one of Turtl’s most important functions is using behavioral and intent insight to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Turtl’s CEO, Nick Mason, said, “If we can’t provide personally relevant, impactful, memorable content to our contacts, then that’s all they’ll ever be: contacts. No business wants contacts. Above all, businesses want relationships. A contact is a name and email in a system. A relationship is a nurtured individual that grows into something with far more meaning. It’s these real, deep relationships that spark the opportunities that every business needs to grow and thrive.”

“We’ve been running tests with groups of hundreds of totally non-technical, non-designers. Every month they’ve been delivering many thousands of engaging, beautiful and fully personalized pieces of content.  They are seeing amazing results. It is changing the way they’re building their business relationships.”

For more information, please contact your CSM or Account Manager.