We’ve rounded up the very best emails we’ve seen so far this year. These include email marketing examples that cover every type of email you can think of.

We have gathered winning emails for:

  • Welcome
  • Thanks
  • Product launches
  • Nurture
  • Promotions and offers
  • Newsletters
  • Follow-ups
  • Abandoned carts
  • Reactivation

If you’re anything like us, Googling the latest trends, perusing listicles, and reminding yourself of what’s out there, builds your confidence and helps you try new tactics in your campaign emails.
Nailing email marketing does wonders for your lead generation strategy but it can be tough to crack – you’ve only got to look in your junk folder to see what not to do. Check out these email marketing examples to show how to get every type of marketing email exactly right.

Best email greetings: Flodesk and Amaysim

Nail your B2B and B2C emails with memorable greetings and introductions that’ll get you noticed. Flodesk’s greeting instantly makes the reader feel welcomed and part of a community.

Flodesk email


Amaysim’s personalized greeting complements their good news message.

Email marketing example from Amaysim

Email intros that build trust

​​Purina’s lead magnet email series includes a delightful intro that’s personalized, friendly, and informative.

Purina email example

Uplers’ introduction stands out for its on-point branding and tone of voice, alongside welcoming faces from their team. The best kind of introduction is knowing who you’re dealing with.

Uplers email example

Best welcome email marketing examples: Who Gives a Crap and Pipcorn

A little hello. Present your welcome offer. Talk about your brand’s mission.

Welcome emails are the beginning of your relationship with your customer and the first step to building trust.

Who gives a crap

Purpose: brand awareness

The eco-friendly toilet paper company uses its welcome email to hammer home its brand messaging.

Why it works

It’s got a cute tone of voice, user-generated content (UGC), and a simple, clear design. The animated GIF keeps eyes on the key benefits. And it makes the customer feel like they’re part of the cause.

Subject line: TP that checks all the boxes


Email marketing example from Who Gives a Crap

Who gives a crap email example

Who gives a crap email example

Who gives a crap email example

Purpose: promotional email marketing

This snack company uses its welcome email to reward new customers with a discount nestled in a smattering of brand and tone-of-voice fun.

Why it works

It’s straight to the point. The discount code is right there. You get a little bit of brand values and it feels very personal with the sign-off.

Subject line: Welcome to Pipcorn

Pipcorn email example

Best product launch email marketing example: Nandos

Got a new product? Need to yell from the rooftops about the benefits to your customers?

Product launch emails spread the word far and wide and are an easy way to build excitement or intrigue and educate your audience on benefits, features, and need-to-knows.

The Portuguese post-gym, pre-cinema favorite used delectable GIFs to dynamically present their newest menu item.

Why it works

The subject line personalization speaks directly to the audience. They suspect you’re open to learning about a new product, but drum up curiosity with the claim it’s their ‘biggest’ launch.

The GIFs almost speak for themselves. The need-to-know information is in bold. And the tone of voice is *chef’s kiss*. Even the call to action at the end is nicely positioned as a benefit.

We particularly like that they didn’t feel the need to send this email days or weeks in advance. They know that whilst the audience is keen to know about new menu items – there’s only so much excitement you can create around chips.

Subject line: Our Biggest Launch Yet, [Name]

Email marketing example from Nandos with clear layout and CTA

But that’s not all. They follow it up with a second email where you get the product detail.

You find out what’s in the dish. The scrummy GIF returns to rumble stomachs. They give you two calls to action depending on how quickly you want to act. And they include a couple of other new items, but keep the chips the main event.

Subject line: Three words, [NAME]: Fully. Loaded. Chips

Email marketing example from Nandos showing food

Best nurture email marketing example: Litmus with Hubspot

Whether it’s MOFU, BOFU, or keeping your returning customers engaged, nurture emails with relevant curated content, how-to’s, and event invites are little pockets of sunshine and success in their inboxes.

Litmus promotes its latest email capture lead magnet, a State of Marketing digital white paper, which doubles up as nurture content for its existing audience.

Why it works

It’s short, to the point, and gets the benefit across in nine words. It’s content that readers expect and have been waiting for, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.

Subject line: The State of Marketing is here

Email marketing example from Litmus with clear CTA

Best for promoting offers with email marketing: Look Fantastic

Sale season can feel like an attack on your inbox. Every brand vying for your attention, squaring up to each other over who’s got the biggest discount.

But get your subject line right, keep your content relevant and personalized, and help solve your audience’s problems, and you’ll be rewarded with opens, click-throughs, and purchases.

Look Fantastic, the online beauty store has a lot to say. They’ve always got sales, offers, or promotions running and their email channel is pivotal to get the word out. Intriguing subject lines, image-heavy, and GIFs a-plenty – they’re pretty hard to ignore.

Why it works

Their promotions create urgency and curiosity, which makes their subject line an easy one to click. Of course, you want to know what your mystery discount is. And it’s a discount personalized to you.

A simple, but effective animated GIF set up like a slot machine works with a moving sale banner and an extremely tempting call to action. And even though this is a one-off sale, their branding is still visible and consistent behind the main image.

Subject line: [NAME] Reveal Your MYSTERY Discount

Email marketing example from Look Fantastic with great offer and discount

Best email newsletter marketing: Litmus

A handy tool across the whole marketing funnel, digital newsletters help generate leads, increase brand awareness, and build trust with your customers.

Next is a great example of the type of content you can include in your newsletter, but to design engaging newsletters that get you 10x more reader engagement, take a look at Turtl’s digital newsletters

A second feature from Litmus, but you’d expect nothing less from an email marketing platform, right?

Why it works

Helpful advice. Curated content. Personalization. A tiny quiz. Litmus’ newsletter is jam-packed with helpful content but doesn’t feel overbearing. They don’t use a call to action for every piece of content as they know not every article will interest every person. Hyperlinks are enough. The personalization is a nice touch and it feels like a two-way communication by asking for readers’ opinions.

Subject line: Email copywriting 101, how to maximize email deliverability, AI in email, and more

Email marketing example from Litmus with email contents that are valuable and easy to readEmail marketing example from Litmus showing not CTA buttons but links in textEmail marketing example from Litmus with quiz result

Best after-sales/follow-up email marketing: Airbnb and WUKA

A thank-you discount. An upsell opportunity. A piece of carefully personalized content.

The best after-sales emails support your customers’ preferences and build trust with your content and your brand.


Airbnb knows that once you’ve made a booking, your next move is to Google ‘things to do in [insert dreamy destination]’. So Airbnb cleverly does this donkey work for you. By sending excursions and ideas curated to someone’s booking, Airbnb designs personalized content experiences for customers – and upsell opportunities for itself.

Why it works

These emails are tailored immediately in the subject line and more so in the email contents. This level of personalization is guaranteed to have good open rates as it’s designed to meet expectations and needs.

In the first email, Airbnb gives just enough information to tempt you to click through – an eye-catching image, a high rating, and the length of the activity.

A second email goes a step further – picking out activities that are happening during your stay.

And a staple reminder email two days before departure, gives people all the information they need, at the top of their inbox (not shown, but you get the idea). What a workflow.

Subject line: Explore Milan with Airbnb Experiences

Email marketing example from Aibnb, things to do in MilanEmail marketing example from Airbnb with personal recommendationsEmail marketing example from Airbnb showing food scene in your destination


Subject line: Things to do in Milan

Email marketing example from Airbnb showing events happening during your stay



A relatively new product in the menstruation market, once you’ve bought WUKA’s period-proof underwear, they follow up with some lovely informative content about how to look after your pants.

Why it works

Clear, simple design and short copy. But that’s all that’s needed to educate the audience. The longer-form content is tucked away on the website behind the call to action. And it ends with a bit of upselling and benefit-led CTA. We quite like the play on ‘cycle’ in the subject line too.

Subject line: Your new cycle: wear, wash, repeat


Email marketing example from WUKA showing how to care for the product

Best abandoned cart email marketing: Allbirds

Abandoned cart emails help push sales over the line. But to do it without sounding pushy takes a bit of flair.

Lay out your benefits, set yourself apart from your competitors, and explain away any worries your customers might have to help them make their buying decisions.

The footwear company’s abandoned cart email tackles a common customer concern whilst reminding them of their full cart.

Why it works

A clear subject line that reminds and tells the customer exactly what the email is about. A pun. A clear call to action is near the top of the email, followed by an image of the product that reminds the customer what they almost had. But it’s the returns info we quite like – it fronts up a common question to help convince the customer to make the purchase without worrying about returns.

Subject line: Your cart is waiting

Email marketing example from Allbirds with a funny cart reminder

Best to re-engage email marketing: Beardbrand

Segmented emails to your non-engaged audiences help you understand who your potential customers are and who wants to cut ties.

Tell them about return discounts and new products they’ve missed, or remind them what problems your products solve.

The grooming company’s re-engaging email puts a spin on the old “it’s been X months since we saw you” message.

Why it works

A subject line that intrigues and reframes the time the customer’s been away with a brand-relevant fact. That ties nicely into the brand benefit reminders and a highlight of their bestselling products. Finally, their calls to action are different from your usual “shop now”. They create a bit of FOMO and intrigue you further.

Subject line: How fast can you grow?

Email marketing example from WUKAEmail marketing example from Beardbrand reminding you to come backEmail marketing example from Beardbradn with new products you've missed

Personalized email marketing

We hope these examples give you inspiration for your next round of marketing emails.

Personalized content is one of the biggest trends in content marketing and most of these emails show some level of basic personalization – as the subject lines in these examples show. Brands like Airbnb, however, have become proficient at delivering marketing emails with deeper levels of personalized content, tailored specifically for audience interests.

Email personalization worked wonders for AmazonAds. Here’s a Turtl Doc that explains our platform’s powerful automation possibilities with this client.

Click to read Amazon + Turtl | Case study

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