Account based marketing

Win and grow accounts with personalization

Significantly reduce the time it takes to personalize long form content at scale and use detailed analytics to identify your best prospects.


Make one-to-many ABM a reality

Create and personalize documents for hundreds of accounts at a time. Spend less time and money customizing content for individuals or companies.

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Deep personalization for maximum impact


Deep personalization for maximum impact

Go beyond changing names and logos. Select pages, sections, text, images or charts as dynamic content. Proven to increase reader engagement by 84%.

Discover deep personalization

We’ve found Turtl is very good for ABM, at gathering high-quality leads, and showing our customers that we understand them.


increase in read time with personalized docs

Community Brands + Turtl


conversion rate with personalized docs

Telenet + LeadFabric + Turtl


more engagement with personalized docs

Unit4 + Turtl

How to use Turtl for
account based marketing

1. Apply your branding and style guidelines

Deliver a consistent customer experience by ensuring all your sales and marketing collateral follows brand guidelines and accessibility standards.

2. Select a Turtl Doc template aligned to buyer needs

Our B2B templates, from white papers to brochures and case studies, are designed to meet the needs of users and buyers across the entire customer lifecycle.

3. Configure dynamic content in the master doc

Create a master Turtl Doc and specify the dynamic content (pages, sections, text, images, charts) to tailor for different customer segments.


4. Choose the data to power ABM personalization

Upload customer data via a .csv file or directly from your CRM system to generate hundreds of personalized documents at a time.

5. Equip your client-facing teams for success

Teams can easily adapt content, such as brochures and sales proposals, with relevant buyer and account information without straying from brand guidelines.


6. Gather detailed insights for pipeline growth

Use reader insights to identify champions in target accounts and understand their interests. Integrate this data into your CRM to centralize vital intelligence for sales teams.

Hear from our customers

I've had lots of direct messages and conversations as part of the sales process where people have said that they really love what we're doing, that they haven't really seen it before, that it's a very novel approach.

Declan Mulkeen Chief Marketing Officer at strategicABM

The best bit for me, because I’m personalizing, through the analytics I can see the moment that person has read the document and, interestingly, I can then see when that document has been forwarded on to other people and consumed.

Lee Francis International Sales and Marketing Director at PatientSource

It’s not that you just build something and share it. With the integrations, we understand that you can automate a lot of the content production and personalization processes.


What are the benefits of using Turtl Docs for ABM?

At the core of ABM programs is personalization, delivering highly relevant and valuable information to contacts in target accounts. Turtl enables you to do this at scale in a cost effective way.

By personalizing your content – for example, personalized eBooks, reports, product guides and case studies – you can increase reader engagement by up to 84%, build trust with clients and generate the insights needed to grow your pipeline. Learn more about personalization.

Can sales teams use Turtl for ABM?

Turtl allows sales teams to personalize and send interactive documents to support ABM programs. Marketing teams typically develop the key deliverables in Turtl, lock down the design and branding elements and then enable sales teams to tailor documents with messaging that’s relevant to a specific account or group of accounts.

Data insights on how readers engage with the content can be made available within your CRM system to inform follow-up and next action.

How scalable is personalization with Turtl?

There’s no technical limit to the number of personalized documents Turtl can generate. Basic personalization uses data from online forms to create tailored documents. File uploads or data integrations enable hundreds and thousands of documents to be produced automatically at one time.

What analytics data does Turtl provide for ABM?

Turtl dashboards help you understand how your documents are performing compared to other documents in your organization and industry. For example, what is getting read, how long your audience is reading for, are they interacting with your content.

You can also view the topics and pages of interest to readers and use this intent data to trigger follow-up notifications and equip sales teams with the insights they need to close business. Learn more

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