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Measuring ABM

ABM performance indicators that show strategy success:

  • Engagement rates, open/click rates and conversion rates gauge content resonance.
  • Opportunity creation and pipeline impact showcase revenue-driving efforts.
  • Faster deal velocity signals efficient progression through the sales cycle.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) post-conversion reflects long-term revenue influence.
  • ROI and revenue attribution metrics validate ABM’s tangible value.
  • Customer advocacy and referrals indicate satisfaction and loyalty

These can guide decisions, ensuring your strategy aligns with your goals. Adjustments can be made based on these insights, enabling continuous improvement. We’ve compiled a detailed breakdown of the ABM metrics to use as your compass for growth.

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Why personalize ABM?

Turtl has been an extremely vital tool for the ABM team at Jabra…Using Turtl's personalisation Engine, we are now able to generate highly engaging, customized customer-facing documentation in minutes, rather than hours. We have seen the amount of time it takes to deliver a piece of content decrease by about 80-90%, giving us time to focus on delivering additional value to our account teams and customers.

Jamie King

Account Based Marketing Manager, Jabra

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