What is a lead magnet?

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There’s no point in capturing leads who aren't likely to become buyers.

Adding them to your CRM will negatively skew your pipeline data and bloat your database with meaningless information.

Types of B2B leads

Cold leads: Information qualified leads (IQLs)

These leads aren’t very aware of you, if at all. They are aware they have a problem and are exploring ways to solve it. IQLs might have looked at your website, searched for keywords around your product/service, or followed one of your social accounts. Your team may have researched them as potential customers.

Warm leads: Marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

MQLs have engaged with your content. They have downloaded an ebook or white paper, signed up for your newsletter, or given their contact details at an event. Marketing teams will typically nurture these leads, warming them up enough to be contacted by Sales.

Hot leads: Sales qualified leads (SQLs)

Leads at the SQL stage are ready to buy: they’ve researched solutions, made comparisons, and are very familiar with your brand. At this point, Sales are speaking to leads and showing them how your solution fits their needs best.

Best B2B lead magnets

Tips for creating B2B lead magnets

1. Offer exclusive industry insights

B2B audiences like to stay ahead of the latest trends, research, or forecasts. Give them what they want.

2. Collaborate with experts

Google’s extra E in EEAT means that if you haven’t before, it’s time to collaborate with authority figures. Partner with thought leaders to co-create lead magnets and make super valuable content. We hit up several industry leaders to create a pillar post all about B2B content marketing.

3. Address challenges

Find the common challenges faced by the B2B professionals you’re targeting, and head straight into making content that helps overcome them.

4. Get personal

Hit a chord and send leads content they care about. Deep personalization can automate topics of interest – straight into your leads’ inboxes.

But how do you know where your leads are?

Best SaaS lead magnets

Tips for creating SaaS lead magnets

1. Understand your audience

Listen to prospects and customers in calls, survey them, use social media listening tools, and start a feedback loop with Sales and Customer Success teams

2. Provide immediate value

Don’t waste time getting to the point – offer immediate value or solve a specific problem fast

3. Stay close to your product

Your lead magnet should align with your offer and address your audience’s specific challenge/s.

4. Use formats that provide engagement data

Experiment with ebooks, templates, videos, or interactive content to deliver engaging, easy-to-consume content. Then see exactly how your audience interacts with your lead magnet.

Intent data from B2B lead magnets

Intent data is useful as it identifies people researching your solution. But you need to know what to do with this data. What's become more powerful is an organization's ability to accurately score leads by adding higher-net-worth data to their CRM, and using it to recognize those in the market who are ready to buy, using engagement behaviour to identify intent

Chris Carpenter

Acquisition Marketing Manager , Turtl

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Build a relationship with the people researching topics around the solution you sell, because they’re really starting to look like future buyers

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Tags help you set up custom events that fire when a user interacts with something, giving you super-powerful insight for content creation

Optimize lead magnet conversion rates: Lead, read, succeed

Promote your lead magnet and measure success

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Product-led SaaS companies with free trials or freemium offers can use lead magnets on their home pages to instantly capture leads

We used to qualify a content-generated lead, send them to our sales team, and the lead would often have no recollection of the content they originally downloaded. When it's Turtl content they've read, they clearly remember it because it's so different from other formats out there, which helps our sales team in their conversations.

Headshot of Navin Kumar VP Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights

Navin Kumar

Vice President, Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights, Frost & Sullivan

How to measure lead magnet ROI

“Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.

Ideally, you want to break into the top 10% — these are the landing pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher.”

By monitoring your content closely, you’ll see who is engaging. Marry this with full-funnel tracking, and you’ll see which ‘engagers’ convert to ‘closed’ later.

These are insights worth chasing.

Stepping beyond ‘number of downloads’ as a metric, can you track time spent on a page, click-throughs, or even how many times someone has read a specific part of your content?

You can see very detailed reader behavior in our Analytics Dashboard.


Lead magnets for funnels and pipelines

Downloading digital documents (TOFU)

Whether white papers, newsletters, or interactive brochures, a user downloading something from your organization shows great initial interest in your product/service from a user who may just be looking to learn more about you!

Viewing webinars (MOFU)

Long-form video content packed full of information and interesting talking points, a webinar is for middle-of-funnel users who have shown interest in your business and are now seeking more information.

Free trial request (BOFU)

A user requesting a free trial of your service is a clear indicator that they are very keen on your company and now in the process of making final decisions, they may be trying it out to be sure or comparing competitors, but it’s a clear indicator of interest.

Improve your pipeline with sexier, smarter lead magnets

How to make a lead magnet for outstanding lead generation

We could only track the blog in Google Analytics but we couldn't track PDFs – which was a shame because we had valuable PDF assets gated with a form

Headshot of Laetitia Catta Cegid Head of Content Marketing

Laetitia Catta

Head of Content Marketing , Cegid

Our case study library is scaling fast. We film our customers explaining how Turtl has improved their content marketing, so we can use these success stories across various marketing materials – and we’re constantly gathering quotes from customers too.

This type of content helps build engaging and authentic case studies presented as real-life success stories. Content like this is powerful at the bottom of the funnel – the stage where people are seriously considering your brand – giving social proof that can tip leads towards conversion

Headshot of Lia Young, Product Marketing at Turtl

Lia Young

Product Marketing , Turtl

It’s a good idea to make sure there’s a clear trial offer or demo request CTA nearby, as social proof encourages leads to act.

Gating is a contentious issue but essential for lead generation. Next, focus on delivering a personalized content journey that sparks a relationship. In B2B lead generation, you’ll gather high-intent leads from the start if you’re serving relevant content – so use reader and journey analysis to direct your lead magnet content

Headshot of Jane Robathan Content Marketing Manager Turtl

Jane Robathan

Content Marketing Manager, Turtl

The general advice when using a form for lead capture is to reduce resistance and keep it short. But you can find out more about your audience once they’ve downloaded your content by using strategic quizzes, surveys, and polls inside the piece. We can dive into individual engagement analytics in Turtl, which not only helps us segment audiences for personalized content experiences, but also gives our Sales team sharper intel.

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Roan Bentley

Digital Marketing Manager, Turtl

Make digital lead magnets in Turtl

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