Forms and content gating
in Turtl

Flexible gating for better lead generation and reader tracking

Add optional and compulsory forms to your documents to capture leads, track readers or keep documents protected. Use Turtl forms or custom ones created in your CRM.

Drive more leads

Use optional forms and back cover forms to drive signups from content not suitable for hard gating

Drive better leads

Use mid-content gating to let readers sample the content before parting with their details, encouraging authentic data submission.

Track behavior

See how known readers engage with your documents to understand more about who they are and what matters to them

We produced a record level of sales opportunities whilst also learning that we have incredibly engaged prospects in geographical regions we have yet to even focus on! Information like this is invaluable across our sales function.

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The psychology

Take a closer look at Turtl’s dynamic content format and the psychology that makes it so impactful

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Inside the Creation Studio

Turtl’s editor gives people of all backgrounds the freedom to create superior interactive content

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Analytics and insights

Improve your content and conversations based on how readers interact with your Turtl Docs

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