Flexible gating options

Add optional and compulsory forms to your documents to capture leads, track readers, or keep documents protected.

Use Turtl forms or custom ones created in your CRM. Lead capture forms can be placed in three locations in Turtl Docs:

  • Cover form – at the beginning of a Doc
  • Immerse form – in the middle of a Doc
  • Back cover form – at the end of a Doc

Drive more leads

Use optional forms and back cover forms to drive sign-ups from content not suitable for hard gating.

Improve lead quality

Let readers sample your content before providing their details, encouraging authentic data submission.

Track behavior

See how known readers engage with your documents to understand more about who they are and what matters to them.

Hear from our customers

It’s the first thing on our summit website - we get sign-ups, we generate leads, and we can understand on the backend who’s reading it and for how long through Turtl’s analytics.

Travis Jaggers

Digital Marketing Lead, Veeva Systems

Turtl allowed us to present our information in a really engaging, interactive way which is much more appealing than our usual PDFs. It makes people want to read more, and therefore provide us with their data in order to do so.

Hannah Dennett

Communications Manager, Mind

The backend for data and the analytics have been huge for us. To be able to track different users, downloads, reads, and views gives us insight into our audience and our potential clients which has been hugely beneficial to our sales team.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

More about Turtl

Turtl Format

10x reader engagement with Turtl’s psychology led format

The Turtl format uses psychological patterns and principles based on how we read and retain information. Give your audience an optimal content experience when engaging with Turtl Docs.


Is gated content a marketing gold mine?

“To gate or not to gate?” If this is a constant question in your marketing department, we show you how to sync strategy with objectives.


Lead magnets for B2B and SaaS audiences

Advance your lead generation strategy with our crash course on creating powerful lead magnets.


Engage and convert leads into qualified pipeline

People spend double the time in Turtl Docs vs web pages, and 10x as long compared to PDFs. More engagement means more leads – it’s that simple.

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