Content marketing is far from the experimental branch of marketing it once was. It’s proven its worth through consistent, fruitful results and, as a result of its success, the industry is transforming. Many marketing teams are seeing pivots to content-centric strategies, and their content budgets increasing (with the 2023 average sitting at $345,000 or £277,000).

Increasing budgets means more scope to try out new software and systems. But how can you make sure you’re choosing the right content creation platform for your needs? Let’s break it down to help you make the perfect pick.

Choosing a content creation platform based on your goals

First things first, you’ll need to figure out what you want the outcome of your content marketing efforts to be. Aside from the obvious ‘create great content that attracts and engages my target audience’, here are some examples of more specific goals:

  • Improve organic search rankings
  • Strengthen customer retention/loyalty 
  • Elevate brand awareness  

For all of these, you can use a range of web content creation tools and strategies. While short-form content can be easier to produce, data gathered by Sapio Research for our report on content marketing in 2023 shows that marketers who create a mix of short-form and long-form content have substantially better success with their strategies.

Long-form content, like brochures and white papers, provides value to your audience that lasts longer than an Instagram reel and establishes your company as an industry thought leader – which is great for lead generation.

Getting your content creation platform right is a must when you’re making long-form content; it’s a waste of time creating it if it’s not going to be showcased properly.

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How Turtl outperforms other content creation tools on the market 

Turtl’s content creation platform will help you put your content in the limelight and get it the attention it deserves. We’ll walk you through the three key features that make Turtl a cut above the rest:

1. Psychology-backed format 

Turtl is the only platform on the market that’s driven by science. With the Turtl format, readers are scientifically proven to pay more attention to content – results from a study we commissioned from Lumen Research proved Turtl Docs had 90% more engagement than the same content in PDF form. By using a platform like Turtl that was built with the brain’s functioning in mind, your content is sure to make an impression.

2. Ease of use for every team member  

With other content creation software, designing long-form content can wind up being very costly and time-consuming. Turtl’s self-service platform gives you the power to make engaging and visually appealing content quickly, without needing agencies or in-house specialists. Don’t just take our word for it, check out how Cisco used Turtl to streamline their content machine and cut costs by 90%.

3. Analytics to track performance 

Getting insight about how a piece of content is performing empowers you to make future content decisions. Using the Turtl Analytics dashboard, you can see what worked well in your Doc, and what didn’t quite hit the mark. By feeding this data back into your content strategy, you can rest assured you’ll be creating content that goes from strength to strength.

How to get bang for your buck with your content creation platform

It’s true that marketing teams are seeing more money come their way for content projects but with that comes pressure to make sure the money is well-spent.

Low software adoption rates pose a real threat to positive outcomes of trialing a new tool. When deciding on content creation software, clarify the intended user base from the outset to boost the chances of increasing those rates. If it’s primarily going to be experienced designers, then more technical, niche platforms may be the most suitable. If it’s the everyday content creator, Turtl could be just the one for you.

As mentioned, Turtl’s easy-to-use software features design tools that put the power to produce stunning digital documents (that always meet brand guidelines) in the hands of all team members. It even enables users to personalize documents, regardless of technical ability.

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As well as low adoption rates, hidden costs can jeopardize a high ROI on your new software. A cost that’s often overlooked is the training, support, and ongoing product management needed for a content creation platform.

At Turtl, we have an outstanding customer success and support team that’s there to help in any way needed. On top of that, all customers benefit from a structured onboarding process with defined success criteria to make sure they’re maximizing the return on their investment.

But enough from us, let’s hand over to our customers to hear what they think about Turtl:

“I like the constant development and innovation of the platform. Customer service is second to none – Very responsive, very friendly and very helpful.”

Jason Williams, Exponential-e

The help provided by Turtl’s CSM rated 9/10

“Whenever we have even the slightest issue, someone from the customer success team is on hand right away”

Davide Gaeta, former Head of Digital Marketing at BNP Paribas Real Estate UK  

The usefulness of Turtl customer support rated 9/10

“The training element was so impressive that we are looking at our own customer training to align it closer to the way that Turtl rolled it out to us”

Russell Webb, Peoplesafe 

Turtl onboarding experience rated 8/10

Still not Turtl-y convinced? Check out these impressive examples of how our customers use the flexibility and interactivity of Turtl Docs to bring their content to life:


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