10 rules for excellent content creation

18th January 2019
Author: Dani Mansfield
Posted in: Content tips & advice, Thought leadership

Content marketing, once the darling of digital marketers everywhere, has had a tough time in recent years. As practitioners failed to achieve the results promised by early successes, they rushed to declare the discipline dead, turning to the next trend for their silver bullet.

Thankfully, at least for us content strategists, proclamations of death are part of the typical journey new tech-powered solutions take to become mainstream. Content marketing is, per Gartner’s hype cycle, making it’s way up the ‘slope of enlightenment’ after a stint in the ‘trough of disillusionment’. In fact, 78% of marketers expect the practice to grow over the next 24 months (World Media Group, 2019).

Search result talking about how content marketing is not dead

Content marketing is dead, long live content marketing

The upside to failure is its ability to expose criteria for success. And success from content marketing is worth each failure and every penny spent getting there. The Content Marketing Institute recently published research that showed that 68% of the most successful content marketers had achieved their revenue generation goals by using content marketing in the last 12 months, versus just 19% of those identified as the least successful content marketers.

To help you steer your content marketing ship clear of any icebergs, we’ve pulled together ten essential rules for content creation, complete with examples of each one in action.  Click to read Ten rules for good content creation