[Infographic] Content-generated insights help marketing drive business impact

24th October 2019
Author: Dani Mansfield
Posted in: Customer insights, Impact & ROI, Strategy & planning

Marketing has been going through a crisis of confidence for a while now.  A recent report by Deloitte revealed how less than a third of CMOs feel very confident about their ability to demonstrate the financial impact of their function, while only 5% agree that they can make a significant impact on strategic decision making within their companies.

CMOs are most valued by the C-suite for their ability to provide much-needed insights on the customer journey. A study undertaken by Forrester commissioned by us here at Turtl highlights how providing the right kind of insights can improve marketing impact on closing business and the clout of the function within a business. In the graphic below you’ll find some of the key points to come out of the research.

If you’re curious about the full story, you can find the report here.

Infographic of data from the Forrester report which is linked to in the copy above