What you can create with Turtl

Turtl's unique format is perfect for all sorts of content

Use across your business

Use across your business

Turtl is based on scientifically proven reader psychology, with an adaptable time-saving format that makes it ideal for multiple use cases, from newsletters to annual reports and more. 

Digital brochures

Whether your brochure is for marketing, sales, or corporate comms, grab extra attention when you publish your Turtl Doc and gather actionable insights from in-depth reader analytics.

Digital magazines

Create stunning editorial layouts and drive engagement with video and reader polling. See which topics your readers care most about to improve future issues.

Interactive Newsletters

Stand out amongst the inbox clutter with visually driven interactive newsletters that keep people’s attention for longer. See which of your contacts give your news the most amount of attention.

Interactive eBooks

Maintain brand integrity, connect with your audience and create compelling content quickly whether you’re creating product, educational, or corporate eBooks.

Digital onboarding materials

Empower your team to add that human touch to your virtual onboarding collateral, with interactive digital documents that anyone can create, regardless of design skills.

Recruitment packs

Breathe life into your recruitment materials to attract and inspire top talent. Monitor candidate engagement with in-depth analytics to see who’s invested and who might need additional support.

Case studies

Use Turtl’s unique format to maximize the impact of your case studies and identify which of your leads are edging closer to a purchase decision.


Create dynamic guides to provide your audience with the information they need at every stage of their journey. Use reader engagement data to identify intent signals and drive better outcomes.


Research reports

Use interactive charts, video, and imagery to bring your research to life. Identify which data sets and storylines are of most interest to your audience to steer your content strategy.

Sales playbooks

Keep latest messaging, product videos, templates, and guides accessible from a single URL and keep track of how individuals engage with the resources.

Sales proposals

Create visually compelling interactive proposals with minimal effort and see who is reading them, alongside which parts stakeholders are most interested in.

White papers

Banish boring, copy heavy PDF white papers and leverage the power of psychology to improve the impact of your thought leadership.

Company handbooks

Easily create, publish and maintain company handbooks, without the need for redistribution. See who’s paying attention, and where to make improvements.


Create visually stimulating sales presentations in a format ready to ship to your audience as a follow-up. Then see which recipients reengage with the document.

Annual reports

Use interactive charts, video, and imagery to bring your reports to life and see which elements and chapters stakeholders are most engaged with.

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Turtl’s editor gives people of all backgrounds the freedom to create superior interactive content

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Improve your content and conversations based on how readers interact with your Turtl Docs

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