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Create stunning, on-brand content without the need for technical skills or a graphic designer.

Content marketing templates

Flexible templates
& layouts

Whether you want a magazine style layout, a 4-column copy layout or a full-page image gallery, our platform gives you the flexibility you need.

And don’t worry about brand consistency. Logo, fonts, colours and graphic devices are designed into custom templates to beautifully reflect and follow your brand guidelines.

Intuitive edit and engagement tools

Thanks to our user-friendly platform there’s no need for training, design skills or technical ability - just load in your assets or create new content to generate your first story in minutes.

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content gating

Increased lead generation

Good content is a great opportunity to gather reader details, so ask your audience for their contact details at the optimum point in their content experience. Our lead capture system is three times more likely to generate leads than other methods currently available.

We wanted to move away from cumbersome PDF’s into a format that embraces digital, creates interaction and engagement and measures content performance. With Turtl, we’ve found exactly that.Tom Hughes, VP Marketing

Royalty free images

If you don’t have a company library with great visual content, we provide access to over 90 million commercial-use royalty free images, which can be added to your content free of charge.

Royalty free images for content marketing
Interactive storytelling

Animated cover pages with stunning visuals

Because first impressions always matter, grab your readers’ attention right from your cover page, with eye-catching animations that guides them into your content.

Stay in control

Thanks to easy permission management decide who in your team can issue user permissions, author content, amend text, publish stories and view analytics.

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