Personalization API brings unprecedented flexibility and scale to B2B content

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30th September 2021
Author: Kate Terry
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London/Boston – Today, Turtl announced the launch of its personalization API. The API extends the platform’s existing personalization capabilities and allows fully personalized content to be produced with unprecedented flexibility, on-demand, and at scale.

Turtl customers are already using the API to automatically generate personalized content for their own clients. It combines seamlessly with the B2B tech stack to scale up content automation initiatives or build deep integration modules within proprietary tech, like a custom CRM or marketing automation platform.

At a time when digital content is central to business relationships and personalized experiences are in high demand, Turtl provides a unique solution.

The Turtl API integrates across the marketing and sales tech stack to generate personalized content that can meet enterprise-level demand with an entirely automated solution. This amounts to huge time savings as businesses reduce the time and resource needed to manually create and send personalized materials.

The API joins Turtl’s fast-growing personalization offerings. In October 2020, the content automation platform announced personalization at scale across the enterprise. This functionality allowed content to be rapidly customized based on an individual recipient’s interests and needs. Alongside the API, content can be customized via batch and public personalization, as well as on an individual document basis. With the latest functionality, businesses can automate content personalization by syncing Turtl with their customer systems, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and more.

This new addition furthers Turtl’s brand mission to make high-quality content easier, quicker, and simpler to create. The platform’s interactive content format aims to enable users without prior design experience to create, publish, and analyze content scientifically proven to maximize reader engagement.

Learn more about personalization at scale and test it for yourself via the chatbot here.

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Kate Terry, Head of Demand