Sales collateral creation and tracking software

Sales teams want and need to be spending their time out building strong relationships with prospects. Turtl can simplify the creation of trackable proposals and other sales collateral that give Sales unique insight into stakeholder priorities to strengthen conversations.

Assemble collateral in a matter of clicks

With Turtl, replace unruly powerpoint files with centralized templates for sales proposals and other collateral that are permanently up-to-date and readily customizable, without the need for design support. Pull together new documents from existing materials in no time, remaining on-brand in both design and messaging.

Qualify leads and identify journey stages

See precisely how prospects are engaging with your presentations, case studies, product guides and other sales collateral created in Turtl to discover how well your proposition resonates and where recipients are in their journey to purchase.

Everything Sales needs, in one place

Create single-source-of-truth sales playbooks that can be kept up-to-date without the need to be reissued using Turtl’s real-time editing capabilities. You can even track which sales reps and partners most actively engage with the playbooks to spot which sections are most useful or identify reps who are less engaged and less likely to succeed.

Map stakeholders and discern priorities

Apply simple gates to your sales proposals to capture reader details and identify people involved in the decision-making process. Then use Turtl’s known reader analytics to discover how each stakeholder navigates and engages with the document to inform your conversations with them moving forward.

Top sales use cases for the Turtl format

Sales proposals

Create visually compelling interactive proposals with minimal effort and see who is reading them, alongside which parts stakeholders are most interested in.


Create visually stimulating sales presentations in a format ready to ship to your audience as a follow-up. Then see which recipients reengage with the document.


Keep latest messaging, product videos, templates, and guides accessible from a single URL and keep track of how individuals engage with the resources.

Case studies

Use Turtl’s unique format to maximize the impact of your case studies and identify which of your leads are edging closer to a purchase decision.

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