Content creation software for data-driven marketing teams

Turtl empowers marketers to take a data-driven approach to their content, campaign and ABM strategies as well as create high-quality interactive content without costly design and development support.

Reduce costs and simplify workflows

Marketing teams are often strapped for cash and time. Content creators master Turtl’s drag & drop editor with minimal training, equipping them with the means of creating stunning and dynamic documents without relying on agencies or oversubscribed design teams.

Update published content in real-time

Keep your content evergreen. Use Turtl’s detailed content analytics to discover weaknesses in your published content down to chapter-level and push updates to your documents in real-time. Iteration has never been so easy.

Improve how you generate and nurture leads

Use gates and forms upfront, in the middle or at the end of your docs to drive better lead generation. Turtl’s known reader tracking data will help you understand how contacts have engaged with the document, what their interests are and what to send them next.

Target readers more strategically

Digital marketers are under pressure to become more data-driven. By integrating Turtl with your CRM system, you can easily segment contacts based on the topics and content types they are engaging with and improve the relevance of messages and topics you use to target them.

Top marketing use cases

Digital magazines

Create stunning editorial layouts and drive engagement with video and reader polling. See which topics your readers care most about to improve future issues.


Stand out amongst the inbox clutter with visually driven interactive newsletters that keep people’s attention for longer. See which of your contacts give your news the most amount of attention.

Research reports

Use interactive charts, video, and imagery to bring your research to life. Identify which data sets and storylines are of most interest to your audience to steer your content strategy.


Banish boring, copy heavy PDF whitepapers and leverage the power of psychology to improve the impact of your thought leadership.

Case studies

Use Turtl’s unique format to maximize the impact of your case studies and identify which of your leads are edging closer to a purchase decision.



Explore more use cases

Product guides

Create dynamic guides on your product and service offering to improve the impact of pre-purchase content. Use reader engagement data to deliver key insights to sales to help close business.

How customers have used Turtl

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How Marketing identified a record number of sales opportunities through content

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T. Rowe Prices' story

The institutional team turtlized their Global Market Outlook and saw engagement triple

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