Why choose Turtl?

Turtl is the only content platform that is
scientifically proven to 10x reader engagement

Content only counts when it’s read.

What if you could create content much more easily?
And that content worked much harder?

The truth is, you can commission original research, write a fantastic report, and promote it through a sophisticated campaign—only for your reader to glance at it once, then click away. And you won’t even know they bounced off the first page. We thought there had to be a better way.

That’s why we created the Turtl Doc – our psychologically driven digital document format.

Our proposals were all done in Powerpoint and looked like they were straight out of the 90s... With Turtl, we've seen a 90% reduction in production time, which is 1,540 hours saved per person, per year.

Annika Kiestra Senior Marketing Manager at Informa Markets

The way that Turtl documents are structured lets people navigate more autonomously to what they actually care about. This has allowed us to create really specific CTAs that give them the next obvious step in their journey based exactly on what they've chosen to read.

Marian Cole Brand Marketing Specialist at Lexus

We've never had quantifiable data like this that I can take to executives and prove the value of what we're doing.

Gareth Scragg Marketing Director at Leading Edge Forum

We used to qualify a content-generated lead, send them to our sales team, and the lead would often have no recollection of the content they originally downloaded. When it's Turtl content they've read, they clearly remember it because it's so different from other formats out there, which helps our sales team in their conversations.


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time saved

Informa Markets


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What makes Turtl different?

Win more attention with every doc

✓ Scientifically-proven format

Win more attention with every doc

Turtl Docs are built with a psychology-based digital format, scientifically proven to increase engagement.

With proven performance, brand control, and data insights, you can be sure every document is winning the good kind of attention.

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Easily create and update documents

✓ Branded templates in a drag-and-drop editor

Easily create and update documents

Turtl’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for anyone to create and update engaging digital documents.

Branded templates speed up document creation while maintaining quality and brand standards.

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Track engagement and drive results

✓ Reader data analytics

Track engagement and drive results

Turtl Analytics shows data at the document and reader level to improve performance and relevance.

Use insights to improve business outcomes, with proven results like 10x leads and 4x meetings.

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Connect to drive leads and insights

✓ Tech stack integrations

Connect to drive leads and insights

Bring your documents to life with live charts, videos, chatbots, and social sharing. Then connect with your tech stack to increase engagement, leads, and insight.

Turtl integrates with leading CRM and Marketing Automation tools including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo.

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Send in a snap and get more clicks

✓ Easy and effective distribution

Send in a snap and get more clicks

Simple sharing settings make it easy to distribute content via email, social, website, or paid channels.

Grab attention and increase click-through-rate with a flippy cover image GIF.

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Add relevance for every reader

✓ Personalization engine

Add relevance for every reader

Customize and personalize documents with a simple form, integration, or API.

Turtl’s modular format is structured so you can pull in specific data properties or document sections, send out personalized versions, and update the core document at any time.

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  • Looking for inspiration?

    Looking for inspiration?

    Get inspired with these impressive customer examples, showing the flexibility and interactive features of Turtl Docs.

    Customer examplesCustomer examples
  • Customer successes

    Customer successes

    From increased leads to growth in subscribers, explore the many ways our customers are seeing value from using Turtl as their content creation platform.

    Case studiesCase studies
  • Use across your business

    Use across your business

    With an adaptable and unique time-saving format, Turtl Docs are ideal for multiple use cases, from brochures and newsletters, to reports and more.

    Use casesUse cases
  • Turtl Docs <br>vs PDF

    Turtl Docs
    vs PDF

    Packed with features built to benefit both the publisher and the reader, Turtl provides a high-performance, highly visual interactive alternative to PDF.

    Alternative to PDFAlternative to PDF

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