Connect your HubSpot CRM
with Turtl content software

Create and track content at scale to automate personalized engagement

Designed for data-driven businesses who want to create exceptional content, Turtl uniquely combines psychology with interactive content creation and analytics capabilities integrating seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Made to measure

Made to measure

As HubSpot users ourselves, Turtl integrates perfectly into the HubSpot architecture, with a native integration that allows you to track exactly how readers are consuming your documents.
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Personalization at scale made easy

Publish personalized collateral in a matter of clicks. All your content distributors – including account-based marketers, salespeople, and SDRs – need to do is simply complete a form.

Your marketers can also automate the content generation process through HubSpot to truly scale your content personalization efforts.

Always on brand, always on message

Easily create personalized versions of all kinds of documents – from sales brochures to recruitment packs – to make a deeper impression on your audience. Agents can do so without editing the core content modules in master documents, which avoids errors or distortions sneaking in and keeps every document on-brand and on-message.

See how individuals interact

See how individuals interact

See exactly how each personalized document is being read and interacted with down to the individual reader and chapter levels. You’ll also be able to see the aggregate engagement of a master document and each of its modules, to help you improve the content over time.

See how your content could look

See how your content could look

Your content doesn’t need to be static and unengaging. In Turtl, you can offer your audience with an exceptional reader experience that is easy to navigate and digest.

Designed for
the reading brain

Turtl offers the only long-form digital format rooted in principles of psychology, designed to keep reader attention

About the format

Goodbye production

Turtl’s drag & drop editor gives everyone the freedom to create, no professional design or coding abilities needed

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Data and insights
you can act on

Turtl gives you the customer and performance insight you need to make a bigger impact on your audience and business

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