Turtl and WP Engine take digital content marketing to the next level

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29th April 2020
Author: Nick Mason
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WP Engine Inc is implementing digital content marketing platform Turtl, in a bid to continuously level up its digital content marketing across the firm.

Turtl will work with WP Engine to enhance its content marketing strategy. Together creating interactive case studies, white papers and newsletters, content will be distributed across the web, social media and email. The platform will help the company update static marketing materials, streamline processes and reduce associated costs. 

In addition, Turtl’s digital first format will enable WP Engine to immediately report on read times, page conversion rates, interaction rates and individual reader journeys. This will allow WP Engine’s marketing team to fine-tune materials and experiences in real time, while also helping to measure and improve ROI on its marketing budgets. 

Looking ahead

WP Engine are excited about working with Turtl. Andy North, Director of Communications at WP Engine said, “As well as adding a new, fresh feel to some of our marketing materials, the format offers us an unprecedented level of insight into how audiences react to our content. As a result, we will be able to continuously improve the way in which we engage with our audience. It will help us to make more informed strategic decisions moving forwards.”

Meanwhile, Turtl are excited to be working with WP Engine as well, a global leader in the digital experience space. Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl comments, “Business decisions are driven by data and analytics. It’s vital that marketers can gain actionable insights from their audiences. This enables marketers to make better informed decisions when planning new campaigns. In addition to this it also helps them articulate the effectiveness of marketing internally. Most importantly, marketers are really beginning to recognize the value of this”. 

Turtl has previously partnered with companies including Cisco, Bloomberg, Baker McKenzie and T. Rowe Price. When implementing Turtl, Cisco’s EMEAR marketing team saw: 

  • A 700 percent increase in readers 
  • An increased average read times of 7.5 minutes
  • 90 percent cost savings

As a result, Cisco embarked on a global rollout of Turtl’s software in over 24 teams across all four of its global regions.

For more information, please contact:

Karla Rivershaw, Head of Marketing