The Splash

A magazine focused on building deeper relationships in a digital world

Issue 3


How businesses can build deeper relationships in a remote, digital world.

  • Cracking remote customer relationships
  • The surprising psychology of reviews
  • Why ABM lacks real empathy without data
  • How tech can bring empathy to recruitment
  • Why B2B storytelling matters more than price
  • The business value of empathetic leadership
  • Design for cognitive bias, and more!

Issue 2

Getting Personal

Exploring different ways a more personal touch can benefit your business.

  • Applying cultural intelligence to target marketing
  • A no-nonsense take on the “post-cookie” world
  • Tech accessibility as a human right
  • The rise of conversational marketing
  • A Q&A with company culture champion Chieu Cao
  • What it  means to build a human tone of voice
  • Predictions from Gartner, and more!

Issue 1


Exploring mechanisms of clout and ways marketers and comms pros can build credibility and positively influence people

  • Tapping into the clout of a competitor
  • Applying mirroring in marketing
  • Turning a concept into a company
  • A Q&A with Faith Wheller on building influence
  • Controversy as a catalyst for influence
  • Tactics from the war against plastic waste
  • Influencer marketing myths, and more!