Here’s a quick and dirty roundup of the best webinars for marketers we have seen recently relating to the COVID 19 crisis. We highly recommend carving out some time to give these a watch.

1. Marketing in the time of coronavirus 

This excellent webinar from Mark Ritson looks at the four ps of marketing (product, price, place, promotion) and how brands are flexing, fixing, or freezing their activities in response to the current crisis. He looks at the rhetoric and the outcomes of previous pandemics and recessions to advise marketers on what to expect from this one and how advertising and ESOV matter now more than ever.

Watch it here

2. The case for investing in advertising right now and how to do it 

This hugely insightful webinar by System1 builds nicely on the points introduced in Mark Ritson’s webinar. Peter Field presents the case for advertising in the current climate with all the data points and evidence a CFO could ask for, while Orlando Wood explores the best way of doing so. They’re rerunning this webinar weekly, sign up here.

3. Marketers’ debate: Account-based marketing in lockdown

If you’re an account-based marketer then this is a definite one to watch. Learn from six seasoned ABMers on how they’re progressing with or pivoting their programs over the coming weeks and months. The panel talks about how COVID has affected their targeting and exposed a greater need for agility when it comes to delivering and updating messages and content in such fast-changing times.

4. Moving at the speed
 of crisis

In this webinar, Julie Johnson, CEO at Armored Things and Rob Schutz, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Ro talk through how their respective businesses have pivoted during these extraordinary times to respond to the crisis and engage their audiences in meaningful ways.

5. Keep calm and pause 

And finally, something slightly different here from the Marketing Society. Coach and author of Do Pause Rob Poynton leads this uplifting webinar about how we use and make the most of the time COVID has unexpectedly given to many of us as we stay at home. He introduces frameworks and tools to help us find little things we can do in our day to create a bit of space for ourselves.

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