A few months ago, we released our guide to simplifying complexity in Marketing Operations. The guide covers how combining automation with integration streamlines workflows. This also empowers teams to create personalized content at speed, at scale, to get results. Now it’s time to hear from the experts who simplify marketing operations in their companies. 

To get a sense of how companies are using Turtl to bring simplicity to marketing, we sat down with legal and business solutions provider (and valued Turtl PartnerIntegreon to talk all things Marketing Operations. The services Integreon delivers helps organizations across the world solve their most complex challenges more quickly, completely, and cost-effectively than they ever could alone.

To explore how the company uses Turtl to support its marketing strategy and make life simpler for its teams, we spoke with two marketing experts at Integreon: Julie Barhoff, Chief Marketing Officer, and Randi Salzberg, Vice President, Marketing and Creative Services.

Meet the experts who simplify marketing operations

Julie Barhoff, Chief Marketing Officer at Integreon

Julie is responsible for the planning, development, and execution of Integreon’s marketing strategy, including corporate communications and field marketing programs to increase awareness and drive new sales opportunities. She brings over 20 years of marketing experience, with a strong track record of working in collaboration with sales to create and execute pipeline-generating marketing initiatives, and develop brand-building programs and highly motivated, results-oriented teams.


Randi Salzberg, VP of Marketing and Creative Services at Integreon

Randi brings deep knowledge and expertise to a client-facing position with Integreon, having worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years as a marketing operations and production manager. Before joining Integreon in 2021, Randi was Vice President and Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives at AllianceBernstein (AB), where she was responsible for the strategic packaging and delivery of systematic client-servicing communications. She managed vendor relationships, including AB’s 10-year relationship with Integreon.

Plotting a path to content success

Even in the leanest marketing teams, there’s a constant need to produce fresh, relevant content. But all the content in the world won’t help companies meet their business goals if it’s not reaching the right people and saying the right things to them.

Randi offered one of the most important questions yet challenging to answer; how can marketing figure out if their content is working? “Just because your client—internal or external—has asked for it, doesn’t mean it’s effective, impactful, or worthwhile,” she said. “The automation, insights, and analytics in Turtl help you to understand if what is being created, is having the right impact and is worth the time and effort. It’s huge because you have to figure out what’s important to work on—and you can’t do that with just a gut feeling.”

Meanwhile, Julie shared some key success measures the team looks for, as well as regular questions the team asks themselves like, “Is the messaging we’re putting out into the market being interacted with? But is it also getting us invited to the RFPs we’re looking to participate in? Are we getting traffic to our website? Are we getting leads for our sales team?”

“We want to look at how effective that interaction is with the content we’re putting out there,” Julie said. “Are we covering the right topics? And then, once we put the effort in and produce the piece, is it resonating with people? Turtl helps to give us that insight.”

Empowering marketers with content operations 

Taking the guesswork out of a content strategy is hugely empowering for marketers. Especially since they are often pulled in a dozen directions at once. But for Randi, the empowerment Turtl provides doesn’t stop there.

“There’s a different level of creativity that you have with something like Turtl,” she said. “Understanding how much time someone spent looking at a particular element in a specific piece empowers you to play around with it a bit more and find that sweet spot of what’s really working for your content.”

Another important way that Turtl empowers the Integreon team is through its native integrations with interactive technologies and back-end systems. It can quite literally simplify marketing operations complexity without risking the quality and quantity of campaigns.

“We can set up all our documents with everything embedded, and not have to worry about whether a file format will work or whether a video will play,” Randi said. “It’s a much better user experience. And from an operations point of view, the efficiency gained is just such an enhancement and advancement.”

The Turtl Takeaway: Start simplifying complexity with a superior tech tool

Our conversation with Julie and Randi covered only a few ways an advanced content platform makes life easier for Marketing Operations teams. However, this barely factors in the cost savings and potential mindshare of trying out Turtl Docs. If you are curious and would like to calculate what Turtl could do for your brand, explore our product value calculator.

Otherwise, see our dynamic format in action and learn more about how automated, integrated operations can help you solve your marketing challenges by reading the Turtl Doc below ⤵

Click to read Simplifying MarTech Complexity for your company | Turtl Guide

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