Create brain-pleasing content

Behavioral scientists and cognitive psychologists have been riffing on human decision-making for over fifty years. It turns out that it’s very rarely logic and concrete reasoning which steers our decision-making process.

But, there are patterns in brain behavior. That means that we can tap into the instinctive ways we think, and use this knowledge to guide our design. Following these patterns (and this guide) leads to content that is inherently brain-pleasing.

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10x reader engagement with Turtl’s psychology led format

The Turtl format uses psychological patterns and principles that align with how we read and retain information. With personalization options, stunning visual layouts, and interactive features, your audience enjoys an optimal content experience when engaging with Turtl Docs.


Improve document performance with AI-backed data benchmarks

With over 30 billion data points, Turtl Benchmarks provides unmatched data benchmarks for your industry - and your content.


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Explore a collection of the very best interactive content examples from diverse businesses who use Turtl.