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03 Sep 2019

Integrated Marketing: How social media can boost SEO

03 Sep 20195624

As technology becomes increasingly interconnected and accessible, integrated market...

29 Aug 2019

8 funny commercials to inspire your next video campaign

29 Aug 20195613

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is commercials. I’m the kind of person who arr...

22 Aug 2019

10 free design resources to bookmark today

22 Aug 20195605

Who isn’t a fan of a good freebie? When you’re working on a tight budget, an aw...

orange and orange segments

20 Aug 2019

Create better content with psychographic segmentation

20 Aug 20195595

Whether it’s Pepsi vs Coke, chunky vs smooth peanut butter, or skimmed vs whole m...

15 Aug 2019

Trusting marketing data in the “fake news” era

15 Aug 20195579

With the volume of online content growing at an exponential rate, it’s becoming m...

13 Aug 2019

How Thursday nailed buzz marketing

13 Aug 20195571

At Turtl, we’re big fans of guerrilla tactics, so when we spotted this great exam...

08 Aug 2019

Why email blast marketing is no longer best practice

08 Aug 20195560

What do bootcut jeans, dial-up internet, and bowl cuts have in common with email bl...

06 Aug 2019

Marketing metrics: 5 red herrings you should ignore

06 Aug 20195544

Marketers and data have a complicated relationship. There are ups. There are downs....

two punk women

01 Aug 2019

What is Social Currency & what are its benefits?

01 Aug 20195530

Ever wonder why some companies get shares, love and attention than your company?...

a bored looking couple

23 Jul 2019

7 reasons why your social media content strategy isn’t working

23 Jul 20195516

Suffering from a social media dry spell? Low followers? Poor engagement? ...

a broken doll

09 Jul 2019

Creepy marketing: Has personalization gone too far?

09 Jul 20195357

How creepy is marketing right now?...

02 Jul 2019

Influencer marketing: Rise of the micro-influencer

02 Jul 20195344