A much-cited study published by the CMI in 2016 stated that 81% of content marketers found interactive content more effective at grabbing people’s attention. That’s just the start of what interactivity within content can do. Done well, that content is also more effective at keeping attention and great at driving action.

We investigated our data to understand what content our users have seen the most significant engagement from this year. The results aren’t surprising – it’s what we’ve been saying since Day 1.

Over the course of 2018, readers spent a whopping 3 years and 7 months in total reading stories on Turtl. We’ve found that Stories which make the most of the interactive features available in Turtl by including polls, quotes and videos are shared almost 200x more and read for 74% longer than those that feature only copy and static imagery.

One of the pitfalls we see content creators slip into is the attempt to recreate legacy formats. Sometimes clients copy from a PDF into Turtl virtually like-for-like. This means reintroducing limitations of that format, including a passive reading experience.

We’re calling for a change in mindset, and 2019 is the year the penny drops!

Looking for ideas on how to improve your content interactivity?

See examples of Turtl customer stories here. Happy reading!

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