“Nothing drives profitability like great customer experience”
– Dan Hesse, former CEO of Sprint 

It’s no secret that customer experience is the new battleground for businesses. Further to this, no sector is consistently leading the way in CX like the technology sector. With pioneers like Apple, Microsoft, and HP leading the way, tech CX is going beyond meeting client expectations. Instead, these companies employ a strategy led by customer obsession. So what can businesses take from this strategy? What’s behind being customer-obsessed as a company? How is it profitable for businesses of all sizes? Skip straight to the guide here

Customer obsession

What does it mean to be customer-obsessed?  It means extending a customer-first focus beyond the CX team and applying it to the business as a whole. Achieving customer obsession is about building an entire company culture around delivering top-class customer experience, with every employee working towards the same goal.

According to PwC, one in three customers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. Investing in a positive customer experience, on the other hand, correlates with repurchasing and an increased likelihood of recommending a company to a friend, according to Qualtrics.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to customer obsession, focusing particularly on the lessons to be learned from the tech industry. In Nailing customer obsession in the tech industry we look at:

Standing out in the field of CX and building a customer-obsessed culture isn’t always easy. But the results show that company-wide efforts are definitely worthwhile. As Diane Gherson, Head of HR at IBM says, “if we’re able to increase client satisfaction by five points on an account, we see an extra 20% in revenue, on average”.

Start building your customer-obsessed strategy and read the guide below.

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