It’s World Turtle Day, and we’ve been busy here at Turtl. Besides the 22 hawksbill turtles that we adopted through WWF, our staff has also pulled together 11 of their favorite Turtl Docs!

Built by our users, this selection of our favorite Turtl Docs highlights the very best that the Turtl product has to offer. Showcasing the magic that can happen when the versatility of a Turtl Doc and the creativity of our customers collide 💥

So, let’s immerse ourselves in 11 amazing Turtl Docs – as picked by our team …

Cheese Recipe Book from Nestle

Recipes can come in all sorts of formats, but a Turtl Doc recipe book? That’s innovative. And where else would you learn about cheese’s 92% menu penetration rate?

Favorite feature: The use case alone could be our favorite feature here. A good recipe is easy to follow and easy to use, just like a Turtl Doc.

An example of Turtl’s ability to enhance ABM strategy. Most customers will know of Nestlé. But, by focusing on cheese, Nestlé is alerting existing customers to a potentially untapped product offering and then upselling.

New Product Brochure from Princess Yachts 

A brochure for Princess Yacht’s S Class range, with an emphasis on sleek imagery and available in a range of languages. Selling not just a product, but a lifestyle.

Favorite feature: The seamlessly integrated VR tours of each yacht model, featuring floor plans, swipe-through of high-resolution photos, and music.

Take note anybody looking to get their content noticed. Especially after putting the effort and expense of building bespoke digital tools.

Internal Guide from AmazonAdvertising

A step-by-step manual made for anybody hoping to help their Amazon-listed products make a splash. The guide clearly lays out the different purchasing options available and how best to utilize them. Plus, there’s even a helpful cheat sheet!

Favorite feature: AmazonAdvertising has included a huge range of languages using the Alternative Languages Feature. In doing so, they have ensured their content is readable by a wider audience and secured wider engagement.

Here we have a great example of a piece of sales enablement collateral. Whatever the solution being sold, customers have access to an on-brand document that walks them through the service – and which upsells the wider services offering as well.

Recruitment Workshop Collateral from BPS Labs

An expertly branded example of a Turtl Doc that really finds the balance between the use of large, brain-friendly imagery and sparing text. This staffing solutions company also capitalizes on the ability to embed Youtube-hosted videos into Turtl Docs.

Favorite feature: For us, it’s got to be the excellent branding. Highlighting the user-centric design features that can be anchored to specific branding guidelines and prevents individual users from going off-piste in their designs.

This is a great example of a Turtl Docs being adapted into recruitment material. High specification content is a great way to attract not just customers, but also talent.

Webex Meetings Guide from CISCO

This guide produced by CISCO lays out best practices for using their conference calling program Webex and successfully using a variety of methods to educate the readers.

Favorite feature: Tough to choose here, it could be the mix of embedded and integrated videos, or it could be the bespoke footer.

Here we see an established brand using Turtl to launch a new service to their existing user base. The format chosen can save time in the content production process, without losing appeal to those accounts identified as high growth potentials.

King Kenny Animated Storybook from Standard Chartered 

Sponsors of Liverpool Football Club, Standard Chartered invoked the power of poetry to tell the life story of Liverpool and Scotland footballing legend Kenny Dalglish.

Favorite feature: Not only have Standard Chartered let out their inner poet, but they have also utilized the full Turtl Doc toolbox and included built-in audio to narrate their epic poem.

Anybody looking to tell a story, look no further. Standard Chartered has hit upon a guaranteed way of winning attention, securing engagement, and stopping their content from getting overlooked.

Pasco County Fire Rescue Case Study from Zebra in collaboration with their local government

A case study was produced by Zebra to document the use of their various products by Pasco County Fire and Rescue Services.

Favorite feature: Needing to be seen to be delivering results as well as savings, a case study is a well-trodden path. This Doc is easily navigable and uncomplicated in layout, achieving a traditional end by an innovative means.

Account managers looking to prove the value of their customers as well as celebrate successes, look no further for your blueprint.

North America Campus Brochure from Citi

This Turtl Doc was designed to be shared by Citi for candidates thinking of beginning a career at the company. The Doc capitalizes on Turtl’s clear formatting to layout the distinction between the many different career paths that may otherwise be nuanced in their differences.

Favorite feature: A delightfully embedded, and easily scrollable, table that lists the qualifications on offer to successful applicants.

Citi has united targeted a recruitment solution for the financial industry and has come up with a great example of how a well-designed Turtl Doc can be right for a range of applications when approached with the right creativity.

UX 250h Car Brochure from Lexus 

A new spin on the traditional car brochure by Lexus. Highlighting the craftsmanship of their flagship hybrid car using, and accelerating test drive requests.

Favorite feature: Lexus has taken the time to carefully design their Doc, guiding readers’ eyes to their all-important CTA.

Anybody that needs to create a cohesive and engaging buyer experience should look to this example.

Modular Construction Discussion Summary from Morgan Sindall Construction

Representing the construction industry on our list of favorite Turtl Docs. Morgan Sindall Group has put together their findings from a round table discussion about the future of modular construction.

Favorite feature: Beautiful use of a video on the opening Surf page captures reader attention from the get-go.

This Turtl Doc cuts through the sea of competing for collateral and ensures important findings heard by the right people. This allows Morgan Sindall to establish themselves as thought-leaders in their space – winning hearts and minds in the process.

Top Salestech of 2021 Report from Smart Selling Tools

A showcase of 2021’s most groundbreaking digital sales tools, with multiple categories and even more nominees. The easy to read Doc awards each nominee ample page space.

Favorite Feature: When hosting awards, the public vote matters. This Turtl Doc uses the poll widget well. Including polls not only engages readers, but also gathers data to inform future content.

For anybody making important decisions on stakeholders’ behalf, this Turtl Doc offers an innovative way of laying out pros and cons while gathering reader opinions.

So Happy World Turtl Day!

We hope you’ve enjoyed going through these Docs, and that something inspired you along the way 🤔

Our team tried to feature a range of content, from a range of industries. But this is definitely not an exhaustive list – anyone can check out our website for some more great uses of the Turtl format or learn how easy it really is to get creative in a Turtl Doc.

We’ve only scratched the surface with these 11 Turtl Docs! Go beyond our team’s favorites and dive into the full guide on what you can do with Turtl ⤵

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