As content marketers, we’re always racing to produce high volumes of original and, more importantly, valuable content for our audiences. We spend hours of our time focusing on creating a piece of content. Then we hit publish and start the process all over again.

But why not make this content work harder by repurposing it? This is one of the best ways to give your existing content new life and, hopefully, new engagement. Repurposing content also provides the opportunity to reach new audiences across other channels.

This all sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it can be, and here are five ways in which you can repurpose your existing content.

1. Turn your content into an infographic

Pretty much everyone loves an infographic. Bite-sized pieces of information presented visually have a much more significant impact on the human brain. At least in comparison to endless paragraphs of text. In fact, information is remembered roughly six times better if presented visually, so if you want your audience to take notice of your content, make sure you include visuals.

To get started, decide on the main takeaways of your content piece and start building your infographic based around these critical bits of information. Tools such as Canva have several infographic templates to help you create something awesome.

For some inspiration, here’s one we made earlier…

2. Pick out key quotes from your webinars and turn them into visuals

Webinars continue to be a popular way for audiences to consume content. To encourage people to view your previous webinars, pull out the key quotes. Make these into a visual which you can then share across your social channels. By offering glimpses into the conversation, you can help your audience decide if the webinar is up their alley.

Extra tip – think about turning your webinars into blog posts as another way of extending the reach of this content.

3. Combine your best content and share it in a newsletter

You’ve produced a ton of blog posts this month, as well as a white paper and a new YouTube video, so why not gather your top-performing content and combine it into a newsletter? Send it to your audience who have opted-in to receive marketing communications, and don’t forget to add a newsletter sign-up form to your website so you can continue to build this audience. (Psssst… this is exactly what we did here at Turtl, you can sign up to our newsletter at the end of the article for some inspiration)

4. Turn long articles into a series of short blog posts

It’s taken you a while, but you’ve done it, you’ve finally finished that whitepaper. However, it’s over 20 pages long, and you know not everyone will have time to read it from cover to cover. So as well as publishing this whitepaper as a standalone piece of content, consider also creating a series of short blog posts that provide an easier way to digest the information.

For example, you could produce a series of three short blog posts that focus on the key findings from your research. Just remember to link back to the original piece of content; this way, if your audience wants to further their reading, they can dive into that whitepaper without having to rummage around your website trying to find it.

5. Use your blog post as inspiration for a YouTube video

People love consuming video content, and as you’ve probably heard, this is set to continue. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way of producing video content, consider shooting a video based on your blog post. You’ve done the hard work and can even use your blog as the basis for the script. #Winning

So how exactly do you go about turning your blog post into a video? Start with outlining the main points of your blog post. Think about what it is that you want someone to learn from reading this. Next, outline what you’re going to say and then finally grab your phone and get filming. The video doesn’t have to be long, aim for around 4-5 minutes.

Before you repurpose your content, be sure to organize a content audit. After those two steps, all that’s left is to plan a marketing publication strategy and let your content work for you.

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