Marketing lessons and holiday movies… we never thought we’d be saying those two things in one sentence.

Turns out we can learn a lot about marketing from holiday movies so here’s 4 key lessons- with the run up to everyone’s well deserved break, we’ll make this quick!

1. Planning and strategy: Home Alone

Kevin McCallister’s meticulously planned home defence strategy saved his life and protected his family home! He anticipated all of the Wet Bandit’s moves and covered all his bases.

Is there a direct link between your mission and your marketing strategy? Does it align with where your organization wants to be in 5 or 10 years?

The lesson: whether it’s a small strategy or a full marketing automation campaign, a plan of action will go a long way to ensuring your success- and protecting your house!

2. The importance of living your brand and knowing your audience: Elf

There are very few people we know that are more enthusiastic about their brand than Buddy the Elf. He’s the walking, talking, embodiment of the Christmas spirit and lives to promote it- always wholeheartedly on brand.

The lesson: your brand may not be Christmas, but your brand is key to establish and stick to when you know your audience and is the cornerstone of great marketing. A strong brand not only excites leads but your own employees (Buddy couldn’t get enough of Santa!).

3. How to nurture your lead: A Christmas Carol

Scrooge was pretty hard to convince about the magic of Christmas- sound familiar with your prospects?

Amidst all this, it’s a tale of three ghosts trying to convince a man to change his ways and arrive in a strategized order. Arriving at a time when Scrooge needed them to come, each ghost pitches him the idea of reigniting his Christmas joy. Each stage was key for this process (embrace frequency and variety at each stage of the buyer journey!)

4. Stand out from the crowd: Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer

With his shiny nose, the key takeaway for content marketers is to not be afraid to be different and stand out amongst competitors. With the content space so saturated, how else can you differentiate your message and its distribution?

The lesson: Be bold! But with a clear purpose. Rudolph’s red nose was perfect for guiding the sleighs!


If you can’t get enough of holiday content, why not check out what your holiday office party persona is which best aligns with your personality!

Just answer the questions to find out and we’ll give you a couple of things to help set the mood for this festive season:

Happy Holidays from Team Turtl!

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