An elephant never forgets. Neither do our brains after we’ve read really good, cognitively designed, strategic content. That’s why we’ve created our own digital content creation course.

There’s so much content out there. If you want to stand out against the noise you’re going to have to create something unforgettable. This is pretty hard if you don’t know what’s going to resonate with your readers’ brains or what will bore them into autopilot mode. But who has time to go through psychology journals, cognitive marketing guides, and persuasive design papers nowadays?

At Turtl, we’ve done all the reading, thinking, and trying out of psychological principles. We’ve discovered the recipe for creating content that makes brains happy, and which is more likely to stay in our memories after we’ve finished reading it.

We took everything we know about cognitive content and turned it into a 30-day free digital content creation course. That’s one email every working day, for 30 days, filled with insights that you don’t have to sift through research – or even leave the house – for.

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Our digital content creation course

Our course is split into six weeks of emails. Each week we look at a new topic that contributes to creating truly unforgettable content. We look at the six big contributors to content success:

Week 1: Planning and strategy

It all starts with an idea. Generating good ideas is something that you can exercise, and we begin our digital content course with a look into how you can grow your ideas muscle with a few prompts. On top of this, learn to establish agile processes from the beginning, pick a format and channel that speaks to your audience, research your audiences and use personas to target your marketing efforts. Once you’re all set up with your ideas and strategy we can get into…

Week 2: Content writing 

What’s behind content which stays in our memories? We look at the psychology of reading, and the techniques content creators can employ to keep the reading brain focused. This means everything from using emotion in your writing to come across human and exploring the psychology behind titles and subject lines.

Week 3: Content design 

So now we’ve pinned down crafting memorable content, we’ll take a look into designing the right layout for your work. Learn why white space is a content creator’s best friend, the impact of decluttering your layouts, making your writing pop with interactivity, and persuasive patterns 101.

Week 4: Promoting content 

How do you get your best content to the best, most strategic places? By leveraging partnerships, using behavioral economics, going omnichannel, pairing content with the perfect imagery, and following our data-driven lead gen guide to the letter.

Week 5: Data and metrics

Measuring how well your content is performing is just as vital as actually creating the content. We’ll look at which content metrics matter, turning data into actionable insights, smashing your content audit, optimizing your writing, and – most importantly – telling the rest of the company about your super successful content…

Week 6: Promoting content internally

But how do you tell the rest of your company about your super successful content again? And wait – what do sales actually want? How do other companies prove the value of content marketing internally? Can we get finance on our side?

A look inside our free content course

Here’s a snippet from one of our daily emails. This one’s from week 2, day 6…

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