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 Onboarding documents caught in production bottlenecks, materials that fail to capture attention, and a lack of insight into new employees’ engagement: content is a challenge for HR and People Teams. Empower your team to add that sought-after human touch to your virtual onboarding collateral, with interactive digital documents that anyone can create, personalize, share, and track, regardless of design skills.



  • Prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion with brain-friendly, inclusive, and accessible materials
  • Democratize content creation to quickly and easily develop key onboarding collateral
  • Style guidelines hardcoded into every Turtl Doc to uphold brand integrity
  • Update virtual onboarding materials in real-time to avoid erroneous or out-of-date content
Creation Studio


  • Easily personalize digital onboarding collateral to add that invaluable personal touch
  • Adapt the Turtl format to however someone likes to learn, plan, or receive information with interactive widgets, such as videos, HTML-embedded games, or infographics
  • Publish and distribute through your preferred channels in just a couple of clicks
  • Limit access to confidential documents with access controls, and IP or password protection
Publishing & distribution


  • Turtl’s analytics platform provides a detailed page-by-page and feature-by-feature view of content performance
  • Monitor new hires’ engagement and quickly identify if they need extra support, additional materials, or direct outreach
  • Gather data at a granular level to uncover how your content is performing and where it could be improved to develop best practices
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See what you could create with Turtl

Most of our customers keep their onboarding materials under lock and key, but here’s a little taste of what you could be creating:


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5 benefits of digital onboarding tools

 Virtual onboarding solutions can feel impersonal,
but Turtl can help – here’s how:

Quality attracts quality
Turtl is the only psychology-led digital content format, and its interactive and unique tools make it easier than ever to intrigue and build candidate interest in a way that truly sets you apart from the competition.
Democratize content creation
No more waiting on design, marketing, or HR operations, your team can quickly and easily produce on-brand, engaging, and highly personalized onboarding collateral to deliver a stand-out experience.
Live-time data and actionable insights
Monitor candidate engagement using Turtl’s analytics to identify key intent signals, such as growing interest (or lack thereof!) in a new role, and follow up appropriately, with additional materials or outreach.
Personalized content in a matter of clicks
Now it only takes minutes to create and send out tailored materials for each candidate, or new hire. Integrate Turtl with your existing tech stack, such as your CRM, to export key information and automate the creation and delivery of individualized content.
Accessibility and security
Every aspect of the Turtl software is brain-friendly, inclusive, and accessible, with functionalities that help users produce GDPR, ADA, and WCAG-compliant content that can be kept secure with access controls.

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