White papers are like a marketing team’s Swiss Army knife – they have many uses. As a result, these detailed documents have been offering businesses a variety of benefits for many years, from lead generation to establishing brand authority.

What's a white paper?

Why use white papers in your marketing strategy?

How can you use white papers for lead generation?

Offer gated access

  • Ask visitors to give their contact information, such as name and email address, in exchange for access to the white paper.
  • Tease your audience into submission by showing a few pages of content before the gate.
  • Gated content allows you to collect valuable lead data and build your email marketing list.

Create a dedicated landing page

  • Design a compelling landing page that highlights the benefits of the white paper and entices visitors to access it.
  • Include a lead capture form and communicate the value of the content, explaining how the white paper addresses the target audience’s pain points or challenges.

Promote through active calls-to-action (CTAs)

  • Include CTAs throughout your website, blog posts, social media posts and emails that drive visitors to the landing page to access the white paper.
  • Craft persuasive CTAs that convey the value of the white paper and encourage action.

Email marketing campaigns

  • Tap into your email marketing list to promote your white paper.
  • Segment your audience based on their interests or buyer personas and create targeted email campaigns.
  • Personalize emails and highlight how the white paper can benefit them.
  • Include a bold call to action to make access to the white paper simple and clear.

Webinars or events

    Host webinars or virtual events where you discuss the key findings or insights from the white paper.

  • Promote the event to your target audience and set up registration to collect contact information. During the webinar or event, offer the white paper as a resource for attendees to dive deeper into the topic.

Content syndication and guest contributions

  • Submit your white paper as a guest contribution to relevant industry publications, websites or newsletters.
  • Include a call to action or link back to your landing page within the contributed content.
  • This sweeps in new readers and potential leads from another publication’s audience.

Social media advertising

    • Scale word-of-mouth about your white paper across social media with sponsored posts that laser-target your ideal audience.

Get creative with your ad copy and visuals to capture attention and clearly communicate the value proposition of the white paper.

  • Direct users to a cohesive landing page where they can access the white paper in exchange for their contact information. And don’t forget to design a thank-you page for signing up.


Retargeting campaigns

    • Reach people who have previously visited your website or engaged with your content with retargeting campaigns.

Show targeted ads promoting the white paper to these warm leads, reminding them of the value they can gain by downloading it.

  • Again, provide a direct link to the landing page where they can access the white paper.


Collaborate with industry partners

  • Partner with complementary businesses, influencers or industry experts to promote the white paper to their audience.
  • This can be done through joint webinars, guest blogging, co-branded content or cross-promotion
  • This way, you share impressions, reach and credibility and get to expand your network

Track and follow up

  • Monitor the leads generated from the white paper and track their engagement.
  • Save time using marketing automation tools to follow up these leads through targeted email sequences or personalized outreach.
  • This will nurture leads with relevant content and guide them through the sales funnel.

Are there different types of white paper formats?

How to write a white paper, in steps

How to publish and distribute your white paper

Why white papers are worth the time and effort

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