Turtl gets conversations started by telling a great Story — your Story — in a reading experience designed for performance through which readers naturally Surf and Immerse.

Effortless creation

Turtl guides your content creation to deliver beautiful results every time. No training is required to create high quality on-brand Stories in minutes. It’s impossible to go off-brand so your team can focus on the content.
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Improved performance

From click-through to lead generation, Turtl helps your content to work harder. For example, Turtl extends average readtime by 3-5 times and generates three times as many leads when compared to PDF based experiences.
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Powerful reporting

Turtl allows you to review page-by-page content performance for the first time, generating visual reports that help you understand precisely which content most engages your customers, and of course, which content does not!
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Seamless teamwork

Turtl helps marketing engage with customers to generate more leads and also helps sales to present their pitch, serve cost-proposals and access individualised analytics to use sales intelligence to convert more deals.

Instant personalisation

Turtl’s social polling feature allows you to auto-populate customer profiles within your CRM database and this in turn will allow you to provide a much more personal content experience to your customers.

Surf & Immerse

Turtl’s Surf & Immerse reading experience is designed to tap into the way we are naturally wired to read, making the content you distribute more human, personal and relevant. What’s more, when readers choose to immerse, they naturally slow down, engage more deeply and provide you with much more meaningful feedback.

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