Surf & Immerse pages

With Turtl’s tiered page format, readers Surf through headlines and Immerse themselves in details.

Fancy a quick skim?

Surf pages are chapter overviews with header, subtitle, image, and video options. They’re listed in the contents of your Turtl Doc.

How about a deep dive?

The pages inside each chapter are Immerse pages. Our Surf & Immerse structure simplifies content navigation, boosts brand experience, and puts readers in the driver’s seat. Reading a Turtl Doc is proven to make content easier to understand, remember, and trust.


Surf pages

Surf pages segment content for easy navigation.

Think of it like a book – build a content narrative by guiding readers through your Doc’s chapters on the Surf level. Introduce static or moving imagery on these pages to catch readers’ eyes. Feature titles and headings that signal content below the surface. 

With Surf pages, every part of your long-form content gets the attention it deserves.


Immerse pages

Immerse pages reveal the details. 

At this level, find the full story and dive into content that gives real value and insight. Deliver depths of information in an engaging, brain-friendly format that’s 10x more effective than webpages.

Host rich imagery, videos, audio, polls, and more in Immerse pages to make your message even more memorable.

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Need help with your Surf and Immerse pages?

Head over to the Turtl Help Center to check out helpful support articles and get technical advice and answers from our amazing experts.


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