Why create online presentations in Turtl?

Turtl reveals stakeholder intent for more strategic follow-ups and wins.

Send sales presentations and decks in a format proven to drive reader engagement 10x and positive brand affinity 5x.

Turtl is the only content creation platform backed by science and driven by data. You build interactive decks and presentations that capture and hold more attention. Turtl Analytics show exactly who is engaging – across buying committees, and at individual stakeholder level.

Increase engagement

Personalize at scale

Improve reader recall

Drag-and-drop editor

Anyone can build professional looking presentations at speed

Interactive features

Capture your audience’s attention with interactivity

Real-time editing

Update presentations instantly, avoid sharing erroneous content

Improve memorability

Proven to outperform webpages and static content

Brand integrity

Lock in your branding to improve brand perception

Automated personalization

Promote brand advocacy with personalized presentations

Actionable insights

Monitor attendee re-engagement to drive next steps and follow-up

Security and access

Protect your presentation by setting access controls

Why use Turtl?

0 x

more time spent engaging with Turtl vs PDF

A scientific study reveals readers engage with content in Turtl more than the PDF

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increase in positive brand sentiment with Turtl vs PDF

Study finds readers view brands as more "scientific" and "friendly" in Turtl

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more time spent engaging with Turtl Docs vs webpages

Every way we tried it, people spent much longer in Turtl Docs than on webpages

Time to inspire your audience!

Convert your existing PDFs into a Turtl Doc
to start creating your interactive presentations.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes

How to transform your presentation in 6 steps


Lock in branding

Customize your brand theme in Turtl to keep all pitches and presentations on-brand – regardless of who creates them.


Start preparing your presentation

Start from scratch or, use a free presentation template to get started. The drag-and-drop editor makes it super easy to build content.


Make it interactive

Captivate audiences with rich visuals, animated GIFs, videos, audio, dynamic charts, and more. Interactivity holds reader attention for longer.


Personalize and connect

Deepen engagement and promote advocacy by sending out personalized leave-behind decks to different stakeholders.


Ready to share

Turtl’s autogenerates share cards to smoothly deliver your deck to attendees’ inboxes.


Informed follow-ups

Track and monitor how attendees engage with your leave-behind deck. Uncover which sections gain interest and who is engaging to tailor follow-up.

Hear from our customers

Turtl wins hands down. And it’s not just PDF. It’s PPT too. These are old tech and Turtl is a much better way of doing things. It’s more engaging both to read and create. It saves costs and the analytics are invaluable.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

Turtl makes it really easy to create and measure document impact on our audience. As an active user of this platform for the past 2 years, I can testify this is the best way to leverage reader attention.

Sakinatou Seyifou

Digital Marketing Manager, ManpowerGroup

We were desperately searching to measure ourselves better as a marketing team. Nowadays, with Turtl, we’re really open to how we’re performing and it enables us to change what we’re doing.

Darren Carter

Marketing Manager, Morgan Sindall

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What is a leave-behind deck? Can I personalize it for my attendees?

A leave-behind deck is a takeaway resource typically provided after a presentation. Leave-behind decks to reinforce the key messages discussed during the presentation.

Personalizing your leave-behind decks is an effective way of deepening your audience’s engagement with your content, and making sure the key points of your presentation really resonate.

Turtl’s Personalization Engine uses tokens to define dynamic content within your presentations, such as chapters, images, text, videos and more. Using rules, you can determine what content gets displayed to your audience to create highly customized content that’s relevant to every reader.

Find out more about how to personalize your digital documents.

How can I track the effectiveness of my presentations?

Turtl Analytics gathers reader data and engagement metrics at a document and a reader level. Use these insights to identify which messages resonate, who is engaged, who has shared your presentation, and if you need to edit any content before your next meeting. 

Connect Turtl to your CRM and use reader intent data to support lead scoring and direct follow-up.

Can I control access to my presentation and protect my intellectual property?

Yes! Turtl’s access control settings protect whatever you wish. Allow anyone on the internet to find your presentation, or make sure only specific people can access your content. 

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