Conversion copywriting is the commercial golden child of marketing; high-performing, results-driven, and persuasive.

In contrast to B2B content marketing (which brings your audience’s awareness to your company by providing valuable content), conversion copywriting has the singular goal of driving the reader to action. Read on to learn what conversion copywriting is and why it’s an invaluable tool that should be in every copywriter’s arsenal.

What is conversion copywriting?

Conversion copywriting is a writing style that’s persuasive and inspires the reader to take some kind of action. It’s no frills and no fuss; it has one objective and it doesn’t sway from that.

This type of writing doesn’t try to paint a full picture of who your company is, what it stands for, or the story behind it. Its job is to very briefly explain what your unique offer is and why that’s valuable to the reader. Then, it seals the deal by convincing them to do something.

Copywriting for conversions is about asking yourself what specific action you want your copy to achieve (e.g. scheduling a demo) and writing persuasively to ensure the reader does this. Copy that reads with conviction and confidence increases the likelihood of conversions. And if you believe in your message, it’s a lot more likely that the reader will too.

Why conversion copywriting should perform like your best SDR

High-performing, results-focused, and persuasive – if conversion copywriting was a candidate for a sales position, you’d snap it up in a second. Like your best SDR, conversion copywriting fills your sales pipeline like no other when you get it right.

However, unlike the salesperson, the performance of conversion copywriting is measured by more than just an increased customer base. Often confused with sales copywriting, conversion copywriting goes a layer deeper.

Conversion is more than just convincing the reader to buy your product or service. Signing up to newsletters, filling out forms, and sharing content on social media are all great examples of the kind of action we can encourage our audience to take through our copy. So, what would Claude C. Hopkins say about speaking to our target audience?

“Consider them as prospects standing before you, seeking for information. Give them just enough to get action”

If you haven’t read it already, Scientific Advertising has stood the test of time.

Through our copy, we speak directly to potential customers. It’s estimated that we see thousands of ads every day so it’s important that we write with this in mind. Our readers will likely skim our message for mere seconds so, like a great salesperson, we need to get to the point quickly.

5 conversion copywriting tips to supercharge your copy’s performance

Presenting your message in the right way is as important as getting the message right. Visual presentation has a serious impact on how your audience absorbs your message, which is why Turtl’s format is scientifically proven to 10x reader engagement.

In addition to a strong visual presentation, it’s crucial that your copy reads well. Words can have a massive amount of persuasive power when used in the right way. Copy that engages the reader, elicits emotion, and speaks to their logic, can be the difference between someone who hops on and off your website like a tourist on a bus tour or someone who sits tight in the passenger seat, enjoying the ride.

“But how can I make sure that my copy generates leads and helps to increase revenue?” I hear you ask.

Never fear; psychology holds the answer. By weaving in some clever hacks that respond to how the brain works, you can be sure that your copy hits it out of the park.

Follow these 5 psychology tips to make sure your copy converts every time:

1. Write headlines that hook the reader

Think newspaper boy bellowing out today’s headline; if he’s saying something interesting, you’ll stop and buy the paper.

2. Watch your language

Make sure your message is heard and acted upon by using clear, concise, and captivating language.

3.“Those who do not hear must be made to feel”

Convert those who haven’t joined your tribe just yet by emotionally connecting with them through your copy.

4. Be a better motivator than Rocky Balboa’s coach

Prepare the reader to take action by incorporating elements such as questions, a strong structure, and social proof into your writing.

5. Close the deal with an epic CTA

You’ve done all the hard work by catching the reader’s attention, keeping them engaged, and priming them to make a move. Now, make sure to get them over the line by using a CTA they can’t ignore.

Want to learn more about how to write persuasive copy that converts readers every time?

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