1. All about the format

Turtl is a psychology-backed format for presenting content digitally, equipping data-driven marketers with the ability to shortcut the design process and create documents themselves. Compared to scrolling webpages, this unique format is proven to provide a better reading experience for reports, white papers, brochures, and other types of long-form content.

2. A data-driven approach

Turtl customers benefit from the performance data gathered across thousands of digital documents, totaling over 35+ billion data points. We know what works to better engage readers, generate more leads, and improve communication.

Turtl vs Foleon: Let's compare

Sometimes as designers we complicate our lives a bit trying to come up with ideas and solutions, but Turtl is a very intuitive tool - easy and fun to use. I’m sure that for me, and the other designers in the Kantar team, Turtl has helped us a lot in the creation of our materials and has given us a greater reach with the public we want to impact.

Joselyn Ruiz

Global Senior Designer, Kantar

I can make content look great at pace. In a world where content demand is high and we’ve got to meet tight deadlines, the acceleration compared to what we were using before is incomparable.

Darren Carter

Marketing Manager, Morgan Sindall

We actually use Turtl’s analytics to tailor our meetings with clients. If someone has spent a long time reading the report we sent them, the meeting will be more of a discussion. If we see that they’ve barely glanced at it, we know we’ll have to put in extra effort and prep work.

Jane Geiger

Global Client Lead, EI Advisory

I’ve had a really great experience working with my Turtl team. They’re available to answer any questions pretty much immediately - whether it’s a meeting or I shoot them an email!

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

Turtl became more than just a content tool, it became a collaboration tool as well. It saved us money and time, and also increased overall employee satisfaction.

Faith Wheller

Director EMEAR, Cisco

Choosing the right format

Get to know Turtl

Aligning with market trends

Focusing on the customer journey

Achieving performance goals with Turtl

Reader engagement

Turtl is the only digital reading format rooted in psychology, and has been proven to deliver 10x more engagement than PDF and over twice as much attention as webpages. That’s a big deal. Whether you’re trying to turn a prospect into a customer, an amateur into an expert, or a critic into an advocate, every lost reader is a lost opportunity.

Converting content from a static format like the PDF into an online document isn’t enough by itself. To achieve this heightened response and prolonged engagement, Turtl:

  • Is optimized for digital with a format responsive to all devices
  • Uses an instinctive digital navigation that puts the reader in control
  • Creates a two-way experience with rich visuals, videos, audio, interactive charts, polls and surveys

Capturing every opportunity

Turtl gives users the ability to apply hard and soft gates throughout documents, providing flexible ways to capture leads, track readers, or keep documents protected. Customers can choose to use native Turtl forms, or create custom versions in their CRM.

Intent data

When it comes to online documents like Turtl or other alternatives, like Foleon, one standout advantage is the depth of analytics and insights you get. What sets Turtl apart is the crazy amount of data we have at our fingertips. We’re talking over 35 billion datapoints here – it’s a total game changer!

What does that mean for you? Well, imagine being able to see how your content stacks up against others in your company or even your industry. Plus, we don’t stop there. Our platform provides data-driven suggestions right in the app to help supercharge your results.

But wait, there’s more! Turtl tracks over 40 reader behaviors and data events. So, you can really dig deep into how your audience engages with your content. What topics are grabbing attention? Where are readers hitting roadblocks? Who are your top prospects? What points can inform your lead scoring model? We’ve got all that covered too. (It’s like having your own personal data detective right at your fingertips!)


So, by now we’ve all heard about or used personalization in our marketing efforts. It’s all about making content more spot-on and captivating. But here’s the thing: making it happen at scale, especially for ABM and sales enablement programs, has historically been a bit of a challenge. Now, we have the patented technology to create tailored content within minutes. Just use forms, csv files or link directly with your CRM system. This level of ‘deep personalization’ is proven to drive an incredible 84% increase in reader engagement.


From CRM and marketing automation platforms to cookie and security providers, Turtl connects with all your favorite apps and systems. Determine who in the market is ready for outreach, centralize insights and automate personalization to engage buyers at the right time with the right message. By using your MarTech further across the funnel, marketing and sales can establish and accelerate predictable processes and outcomes.

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Designed to turn reads into leads

The only digital reading format rooted in psychology, proven to deliver 10 times more attention than PDF and over twice as much attention as webpages.

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Why stop at interactive ebooks? Turtl’s versatile and time-saving format is ideal for multiple use cases across your business.


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Streamline your workflows and gain valuable insights by leveraging Turtl's ability to connect your digital content and current tools.

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