Lumen compares Turtl’s format to the PDF

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21st September 2020
Author: Karla Rivershaw
Posted in: Psychology, Technology

Lumen Research proves Turtl’s content format is 73% more engaging than the PDF

Turtl recently commissioned Lumen Research to conduct an experiment on the effectiveness of their interactive format compared to the PDF.

The purpose of the test was to understand whether the interactivity of Turtl’s format led to greater engagement of their content and how that compared to the PDF. 

Lumen set up an experiment whereby 100 participants read a Turtl version of a document and then a further 100 participants read the original PDF. Their eye movements and engagement with the content were tracked and they were provided with a questionnaire afterwards.

The results of the experiment demonstrated that Turtl generates 73% greater reader attention and engagement than the same document as a PDF. 

This means that people engage with Turtl’s content for far longer than the PDF and they read more of the details within the document. As a result, readers remember the key messages more clearly and find the key messages more compelling.


“We find that things that are simple and beautiful always do better than things that are busy, cluttered and boring,” says Michael Follett, Managing Director at Lumen. ”Naturally given the way that Turtl documents are laid out, it shouldn’t be surprising that the same data when presented in a Turtl document is engaged with far more. That said, even we were surprised just how much more attention can be generated through a Turtl document.”

“It’s great to see these results,” says Nick Mason, CEO & Founder at Turtl. “We’ve been saying this for years, but it’s wonderful to finally have the scientific evidence to back up our claims that Turtl’s content is more engaging, memorable and persuasive than the traditional PDF.”

You can view the full research results here.

 About Lumen

Lumen Research is an attention technology company that uses eye tracking to measure and predict the reality of visual engagement.

About Turtl

Turtl is a content automation solution for enterprise businesses that helps you deliver and use content strategically. At the heart of the platform lies our psychology-based digital format that is scientifically proven to increase reader engagement by 73%. But the most powerful advantages of using Turtl come from the deep reader insights the platform collects, and the ability to personalize content at scale.

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