This service level agreement (SLA) covers the availability promise made by Turtl to you as a paying customer. This includes information concerning scheduled maintenance periods and responsibilities and procedures in the event of unplanned downtime.


We promise that the Turtl application will be available 99% of the time.

In the event of unplanned service outage, the Operations Team will acknowledge the incident within five minutes of notification and follow the Incident Management Process through to resolution.

We aim to resolve the majority of service outage incidents within 15 minutes of notification. In the event of an incident requiring additional time to resolve, your Customer Success Manager will provide periodic status updates to your primary contact person through to resolution. Incidents affecting the availability of the Turtl Story Viewer will be classed as critical and will be managed to resolution as a top priority.

To assist with problems specifically related to your Turtl Account (as opposed to the Turtl platform as a whole) you agree to provide a primary contact person for Turtl to liaise with.

Scheduled maintenance

From time to time, infrastructure changes or significant application upgrades may require a scheduled maintenance window. During such windows, one or more components of the Turtl platform will be made unavailable.

Affected customers will be notified of such events at least five business days prior and will be informed of the start time, anticipated end time and details of the components which will be made unavailable. In special circumstances, a maintenance window may be postponed at the request of a customer.

During scheduled maintenance windows, requests to unavailable components will yield a status information page with details of the window and a prompt to retry the request once the window has expired.

Emergency maintenance

At times, certain changes, such as security patches, must be released as a high priority to ensure the security and integrity of the Turtl platform. In these circumstances, an emergency maintenance period will be announced via email no less than six hours prior.