The psychology of personalization

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Every marketing team worth their salt wants to give prospects and customers a world-class experience. Those who understand powerful principles of psychology and behavioral science can accomplish this while driving tangible business results.

The key is including personalization in your marketing strategy. Grounded in psychology, personalization done well can increase growth and loyalty, even in crowded and noisy markets.

Shirin Oreizy, Founder and President of Next Step and Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl will explore the psychological underpinnings of personalization: why it is so hard to ignore, the psychological levers it taps into, and the behaviors that personalization can encourage. Ultimately, learn why personalization at scale can help marketers effectively build relationships, driving revenue growth and customer loyalty.

Watch now to take away key insights on:

  • Understanding the psychological factors that make personalization so sticky
  • Why behavioral science insights can help marketers figure out the emotional, social, and environmental factors that influence consumer decision-making about products and services
  • How to cut through the noise by tapping into the brain’s response mechanisms
  • Why the most successful companies give their customers perfectly tailored content experiences
  • How to create long lasting relationships by addressing individual needs

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Nick Mason
CEO and Founder

Shirin Oreizy
Founder and President
Next Step