Ending the era of
sales vs. marketing

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What would it take for marketing and sales to become the next great partnership? The two disciplines have a long history of being at odds with one another, plagued by misaligned perceptions and priorities that hinder progress. But there are a number of marketing and sales teams who have figured out the best ways to work collaboratively — and their organizations are flourishing because of it.

Join Gerry Hill, Sales Director at ConnectandSell, and Jonathon Illett, Sales Director at Cognism, along with Karla Rivershaw, Head of Marketing at Turtl for a constructive discussion and debate about sales and marketing collaboration.

In this webinar, we ask the questions that every marketer wants to know and get answers straight from sales leaders. By the end, you’ll learn how marketing can demonstrate greater value to the business — and ultimately get a seat at the table.

Take away answers to key questions:

  • Why has the marketing and sales divide persisted?
  • What are sales missing from marketing?
  • How can marketing bring greater insight and value to the sales journey?
  • What specific strategies can marketing teams use to bridge the gap?

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Gerry Hill

Jonathon Ilett
Sales Director

Karla Rivershaw
Head of Marketing