Mind reading for marketers:
How to use data to inform content

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In psychology, mind reading is the ability to intuit the thoughts and feelings of others by reading cues. For marketers, mind reading is using data to create content that resonates with customers and buyers.

Your data expertise can be the difference between lackluster content that falls flat and persuasive content that drives revenue.

And while collecting data is easy, connecting the dots and using the insights is not. The biggest obstacles to useful data come from disconnected delivery and processes.

But for those who navigate the tangle and bring data insight to their teams, the upside is high—identifying new opportunities, delivering buyer insight, and linking content to business objectives.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The secret to mind reading – aka that ‘it’s like you’ve been in our meetings!’ content
  • How to create processes that make content data useful
  • Which metrics you need to plan persuasive content
  • The content formats that reveal buyer motivations, pain points, and product interests
  • Crucial steps you should take to ensure aligned customer/buyer experience

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Your speakers

Dani Mansfield
Content Strategist

Kate Terry
Demand Marketing Manager