How Nuance can scale a
personal buyer journey
with content + conversations

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A great buyer journey skillfully asks and answers a series of questions, all while building a personal relationship. This journey is increasingly digital, giving marketing and sales teams a huge opportunity to connect with buyers and customers at scale.

But many marketing and sales teams, especially in B2B, are held back by legacy processes and impersonal digital touchpoints.

Join Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community at Drift, and Nick Mason, CEO and Founder at Turtl, for a 60-minute masterclass in the latest trends and tactics.

You’ll take away:

  • Why B2B websites and content have to evolve
  • New ways to engage your prospects and target potential buyers
  • How to spark conversations at key digital touchpoints
  • Tactics and tools to solve the challenge of personalization at scale

Join Mark and Nick as they share their expertise and answer your questions on how Nuance can use content and conversations to scale personalized interactions for an engaging buyer journey.

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Your speakers

Mark Kilens
VP of Content and Community

Nick Mason
CEO and Founder