How to buy MarTech:
10 tips to de-stress the buying process

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Buying MarTech can be a tricky business thanks to the dizzying array of products on the market.

It’s all too easy to end up with things that don’t get adopted, don’t solve your problems, and don’t deliver value.

Avoid these headaches by joining Nick Mason, CEO and Founder at Turtl for a vendor’s perspective on how businesses successfully select and adopt MarTech…and how they can get it wrong.

You’ll take away advice and tips:

  • Key questions you should ask any vendor before you sign on the dotted line
  • The relationships to define in advance and avoid post-sale ghosting
  • Why feature bingo is misleading
  • Tips to get internal buy-in and overcome inertia
  • How to grow your own profile by championing a successful roll-out

Watch now on demand for an inside look at the buying process, and take away the top 10 tips to de-stress and get MarTech success 🎉

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Your speakers

Nick Mason
CEO and Founder

Karla Rivershaw
Head of Marketing