How to personalize ABM at scale

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The case for personalized ABM is clear: more efficient spend, reduced customer acquisition cost, and revenue growth.

But without the right tools and technology, even the most driven team will face challenges with limited resources, sourcing and managing data, scaling effectively, and proving ROI.

What tools and tech are forward-thinking ABMers using right now to solve these challenges?

And how can you set up your efforts for impactful target marketing at scale

Join ABM experts at Punch! ABM and Turtl for a rundown in the technology and tools that companies are using to unlock the benefits of personalization for account-based marketing.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The most common challenges to scaling up personalized ABM
  • How marketers are using technology and tools to solve these challenges
  • Examples of proven strategies and best practice

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Your speakers

Charles Barkham
Marketing Strategist

Karla Rivershaw
Head of Marketing