ABM experts on content insight: how to prove marketing value and close more deals

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As marketers, we know our work is essential to company success. But there is a disconnect.

A study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Turtl revealed that marketing at B2B firms is not always seen as a core driver of business. Most marketers struggle to pull useful insight from content and there is a key stage of the buyer journey where marketing simply isn’t delivering value right now. And while marketing leaders are confident to say that marketing is critical for business growth, other functions in the company are less convinced.

In this webinar, we talk with two leading ABM experts to explore the importance of marketing insight in the buyer journey, how to gain much more, and the perceived versus actual clout that marketing currently has within its organization.

Join Dorothea Gosling, Director, Marketing Programs, Pursuits & ABM at DXC, Kate Owen, Director of Industry and Key Account Marketing at Capita, and our Head of Marketing Karla Rivershaw for this fascinating discussion.

Watch now on demand to ensure your marketing plans continue to drive (and prove!) business growth. Key takeaways include:

  • Key statistics that you need to know about marketing’s position and value within B2B organizations and how to use them to drive change
  • The factors impacting the value of marketing content
  • The content insight that sales teams really need, and how to deliver it

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Your speakers

Dorotea Gosling
Director, Marketing Programs, Pursuits & ABM

Kate Owen
Director of Industry and Key Account Marketing

Karla Rivershaw
Head of Marketing