No gaps content mapping:
How to enable an irresistible
buyer journey

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The buyer journey is at the heart of the customer experience. Content creators are responsible for crafting content that speaks to the needs of buyers at each stage of the journey, and high performing content can be the difference between a new customer and a missed opportunity.

But even top organizations struggle with gaps in content for key customer interactions. And misalignment between sales, marketing, and customer support can mean a less than optimal buyer journey.

Join this 40-minute webinar to get the toolkit you need to map out content to the buyer journey, align content between functions, and enable an optimized buyer and customer journey.

You’ll take away:

  • How to map stages in an optimized buyer and customer journey
  • Tools and tips for planning content that meets buyer needs
  • Examples of high performance content
  • Metrics to track success across functions
  • Template for buyer journey mapping

Watch on demand to learn how to map out your content against each stage of the journey to make sure that your buyer journey is optimized for revenue growth. 🚀

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Your speakers

Dani Mansfield
Content Strategist

Kate Terry
Demand Marketing Manager